CD review LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE ‘Bleeding the Stars’

(8/10) Chaos leads to creativity and it’s both being the driving force of Lacrimas Profundere, a band the never stood still. The guys started in 1993 with some Death Doom Metal before moving their sound towards Gothic. They weren’t the only band that followed such an approach, but they are a band that sticked to it and further evolved it.

After having gone through some highs but also lows incl. a serious line-up changes, Lacrimas Profundere regained strength with having a new album in the starting blocks. ‘Bleeding the Stars’ escapes from darkness at end of July, four years after the previous record ‘Hope is Here’ has been released.

The new longplayer contains ten songs and a renewed line-up. Next to Oliver Nikolas Schmid it’s Dominik Scholtz who returned to the band in 2018 and Julian Larre, being the bands new frontman with an excellent voice.

‘Bleeding the Stars’ is a counterpart to any summertime feeling, something that becomes crystal clear with the opener ‘I Knew and Will Forever Know’. Plaintive vocals and a slow pace pushes first clouds in front of the summerly sun and although the bad shifts gears with ‘Celestine Woman’ it’s the melancholic expression that creates a common theme from start to end.

“Mother of Doom’ is another song that’s built on grief-stricken mood while it’s ‘After All Those Infinities’ that again increases pace and sounds almost light-hearted – in a Lacrimas Profundere context of course.

‘Bleeding the Stars’ is an album that doesn’t disappoint fans of Dark Rock. It delivers to the point and showcases a band that went through some rough times before returning with a longplayer that’s stronger than expected. Having said this also includes that ‘Bleeding the Stars’ doesn’t revolutionize Dark Rock. It’s more of a solid statement that helps to strengthen the foundation, being a starting point for some new adventures in the future.



  1. I Knew And Will Forever Know 
  2. Celestite Woman
  3. The Kingdom Solicitude
  4. Mother Of Doom
  5. Father Of Fate
  6. Like Screams In Empty Halls
  7. The Reaper (
  8. After All Those Infinities
  9. A Sip Of Multiverse
  10. A Sleeping Throne 

Label: Steamhammer

Genre: Dark Metal

Release Date EU: July 26th, 2019



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