CD review SONATA ARCTICA ‘Talviyö’

(7/10) Having a look on the artwork of an album that shows a peaceful winter landscape is a refreshing moment on a day with 30 degrees celcius outside and the titel 'Talviyö', meaning 'winter night' in Finnish, amplifies it even. Besides these refreshing ingredients, Sonata Arctica's newest longplayer comes with more of a standard approach.... Continue Reading →


Phil Campbell and The Bastard Sons will be on road during the coming month and here are the dates: PHIL CAMPBELL AND THE BASTARD SONS live dates: 23.08.            B          Liège - Golden Age Rock Festival24.08.            UK      Newark - Stonedeaf Festival31.08.            UK      Durham - Stormin The Castle !!!NEW!!!07.09.            AT      Wels - Trabrennbahn BÖHSE ONKELZ Open Air !!!NEW!!!13.09.            D         Altenbergen - Rock N Revel14.09.            D         Bochum - Rockpalast !!!NEW!!!15.09.            F          Raismes... Continue Reading →

CD review EQUILIBRIUM ‘Renegades’

(8/10) German metallers Equilibrium are a band that doesn't stand still, a fact that helped them to establish themselves in Metal and by also benefiting from a growing fan base. The guys began in 2001 and it was Rene Bartholomew who kick-started Equilibrium together with Helge Stang, Sandra Volkl and Andreas Volkl. Today Barthlaume is... Continue Reading →

CD review DESTRUCTION ‘Born to Perish’

(9/10) The ones of you that doesn’t know Destruction yet (are there any?) better fasten your seatbelt before pressing the ‘Start-button and all the other, go wild with this album. German Metal pioneers Destruction belong, together with Kreator and Sodom, to the spearhead of German Thrash Metal.  Starting in 1982 as Knight Of Demon a... Continue Reading →

CD review CARNIFEX ‘World War X’

(8/10) Deathcore days at Nuclear Blast. One week after having released Thy Art Is Murder's newest album it's Carnifex' 'World War X' being next crushing Deathcore album that hits the shelfs. The Californian quintet proves with their newest longplayer that Deathcore is much more than solely noise. Album number seven lasers in again on brutal... Continue Reading →

CD review SABATON ‘The Great War’

(8/10) Almost to date three years after having released the successful ‘The Last Stand’-album award-decorated Swedish metal powerhouse Sabaton have a next album in the starting blocks. ‘The Great War’, is the title of Sabaton’s ninth full-length album and the guys pick it up where the left off with the previous longplayer. This time it’s... Continue Reading →

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