ARROGANZ announce a new album

'Morsus', the new album of German sepulchral Death Metal outfit Arroganz, will be released on October 2nd 2020 via the band’s new label home Supreme Chaos Records! A video clip for the crushing title track is available already at this location:  Arroganz is raging honesty. Real despair. True anger. An attitude beyond "fuck off". A... Continue Reading →

CD review MANTAR ‘Grungetown Hooligans II’

Mantar, the noisemakers from Bremen, started in 2012. Eight years later, the guys have with 'Grungetown Hooligans II' a new offer right in the starting blocks with a go-ahead signal on June 26th.. After having published three longplayers and an EP, Erinc and Hanno decided to explore some new grounds. OK, don't be shocked. Mantar... Continue Reading →

CD review LIVING GATE ‘Deathlust’

Living Gate - a new band with familiar names. YOB and Oathbreaker members are the basic line-up of Living Gate. More precisely, the band features Lennart Bossu, Levy Seynaeve, Wim Sreppoc and Aaron Rieseberg and all four musicians have manifested their love of death metal in five new songs, which will be released as an... Continue Reading →

CD review NAGLFAR ‘Celecloth’

It is countless years ago that Naglfar released their latest studio album. 'Téras' escaped the purgatory in 2012 and since then there was not much new material of Naglfar's Swedish Black Metal to be heard. This is changing right now, because with 'Cerecloth' a new record is in the starting blocks. Naglfar's seventh album to... Continue Reading →

CD review VADER ‘Solitude in Madness’

'Solitude in Madness' showcases a band that's as wild and fierce as they have been over the last 37 years. Vader didn't lose any of their intensity and power. No foot on the brake and no intention for compromising on aggressiveness, that's Vader. Together with an extremely well done production the longplayer is a real challenge for amplifiers and speakers. Now it's up to each of you if you accept the challenge.

Hamburg’s rock & metal scene in times of corona – ENDSEEKER

Covid-19 and the taken measures have a big impact on everybody individually, but have also an impact on the music business. Enough of a reason to reach out to clubs, bands,… in the greater Hamburg area to see what the situation is and how everybody can stand together to go though this. Today we continue with Hamburg's death metal powerhouse Endseeker and guitarist Ben, describing how the corona crisis affect the band.

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