ERIDU revealed a new single

With the album 'Enuma Elish' Eridu revive the heritage of the long lost Mesopotamian high civilization. Named after the oldest city of Mesopotamia, the Munich-based band opens another chapter of oriental extreme metal. After their debut 'Lugalbanda' (2019) was able to cause a stir nationally as well as internationally (Wacken Metal Battle Finale Germany 2022,... Continue Reading →


Australia's extreme metallers NE Obliviscaris present with 'Exul' their latest work, which was created with a lot of uncertainties, imponderables and possibilities. If you take a closer look at the record, you will notice that 'Exul' was recorded in a number of studios. If one considers the exceptional situation of the past years, this is... Continue Reading →

Review MORK ‘Dypet’

You can't exactly say that Mork from Norway are one of the quick starters. Founded in 2004 in Halden, Norway it took the band already nine years until they could present their debut album 'Isebakke'. Before that, there was only a demo called 'Rota til ondskap'. Not more. The debut was released in 2013 and... Continue Reading →

Review BODYFARM ‘Ultimate Abomination’

Death metal from The Netherlands, that stands for quality and a brute sound. Bands like God Dethroned and Asphyx established act from Holland and the same goes for Amersfoort-based Bodyfarm. The quartet unchained their debut album ‘Malevolence’ in 2012 and released in toal four longplayers to date. With ‘Ultimate Abomination’ the next album is waiting... Continue Reading →

HALIPHRON unveil album details

Dutch metal force Haliphron was formed in 2021. Sharing the same musical vision, the band worked on their debut album. ‘Prey’ that’s the title of their first longplayer which will be released on March 31st, 2023 via Listenable Records. The band comments on the album concept:" ‘Prey' is all about being a hunter - or... Continue Reading →

GRAVEWORM launched a new single

South Tyrolian metal institution Graveworm return with anew song called ‘Escorting the Soul’. The song is taken from the upcoming album ‘Killing Innocence’ which will be the first studio release of the band in eight years. Vocalist Stefano Fiori says: "Escorting The Soul is the second single of our upcoming album, a typical Graveworm-midtempo track... Continue Reading →

Review BEZWERING ‘Dodenkroning’

Bezwering are one of the more recent black metal bands from The Netherlands. Formed in 2018, the guys have delivered their debut album in 2020 with 'Aan de wormen overgelvered' (engl. 'Surrendered to the Worms') and here comes the not at all pre-Christmas sound of 'Dodenkroning' (engl. 'Crowning of the Dead'). The quintet from Gelderland... Continue Reading →

Review BLACK ANVIL ‘Regenesis’

New York is a melting pot in the broadest sense of the word and this also applies without exception to rock and metal. The Ramones, Anthrax, Suffocation and Type O Negative … they all have/had their home base on the American East Coast. And what about black metal? Well, also here New York has something... Continue Reading →

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