Review RADIANT ‘Written By Life’

‘Written By Life’ is the second album from German melodic metal outfit Radiant. The band premiered with ‘Radiant’ in 2018 and returns four years later with a new longplayer. The quintet, consisting of Herbie Langhans (v), Carsten Stepanowicz (g), Flo Gottsleben (g), Markus Beck (b) and  Manni Spalka (d) offer eleven songs with roots in... Continue Reading →

Review TREAT ‘The Endgame’

The Southern part of Stockholm, that is the home of Treat, a melodic rock outfit with a long track record. The band started in the heydays of melodic rock and is the brainchild of singer Robert Ernlund and guitarist Anders Wikström. The band unleashed their first longplayer ‘Scratch and Bite’ in 1985, a time when... Continue Reading →

Review ALTZI ‘All Eyes on Me’

Helsingborg, Sweden, that is a smaller peaceful town in the southwest of Sweden, about an hour away from Malmö. The music scene of the city is quite lively with the music club Tivoli as the center. Singer Rock Altzi is from Helsingborg and from there started a career that led him amongst others to At... Continue Reading →

Review SIGN X ‘Back to Eden’

Hamburg’s metal band Sign X emerged from Châlice, a group from the 90s. Steve Lagleder, Michael Mehl and Oliver Scheer, they all have a history with Châlice and teamed up with singer Sebastian Zierof (v). The band worked on their next longplayer ‘Like a Fire’. The album is professionally done record with songs, echoing a... Continue Reading →

Review AMORPHIS ‘Halo’

Amorphis is a constant deliverer of very well-forged metal since 1992 when the band from Helsinki, Finland premiered with ‘The Karelian Isthmus’. The break-through came one year later with the ‘Tales from the Thousand Tales’ and what followed was an impressive journey through the worlds of heavy metal. Rooted in northern death metal, the band... Continue Reading →

Review WICKED SENSATION ‘Outbreak’

‘Wicked Sensation’ that is not only the title of the glorious Lynch Mob debut album, but also the moniker of a band that started in 1999 in Karlsruhe, Germany. The guys released four longplayers with ‘Adrenaline Rush’ having been the latest one to date. ‘Adrenaline Rush’ was unveiled in 2014 and it took a while... Continue Reading →

Review EPICA ‘Omega Alive’

The pandemic also causes another bad thing, the no-conceritis. In a time when live shows are rather limited/restricted or even need to be cancelled/postponed, the digital possibilities became an option, although they never can be a replacer. A band that also decided to use the opportunities and present the new material in a digital context... Continue Reading →

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