New SOTO album in May

After having inked a deal with Inside Out Music Soto announced a new album. ‘Origami’ is the title of the new release, an album that features ten songs. Release date will be May 24th, 2019. Jeff Scott Soto states: “This is a song co-written with a long time collaborator of mine in Brazil, Leo Mancini,... Continue Reading →


(9/10) Is it Death Metal? Is it Power Metal? Does it matter? Children Of Bodom can’t be put in a certain labelled box. The five Finns create metal that bridges many metal styles. The only thing that counts is that their music is relevant and this can be clearly answered with a ‘Yes’. The fact... Continue Reading →

CD review WHILE SHE SLEEPS ‘So What?’

(8/10) The first time I could listen to While She Sleeps was when the guys opened for In Flames many moons ago. Already at that time the music was fascinating, combining many different aspects – from metalcore screams to melodic choruses. It’s this width that adds excitement to the new album also. ‘So What?’ is... Continue Reading →

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