Review STRATOVARIUS ‘Survive’

'Firefly', 'Survive' and 'World on Fire', these were songs Stratovarius fans already got to hear live at the Wacken Open Air 2022 and the entire album is now available. Seven years after their last album 'Eternal' the Finns have recorded eleven new songs and continue the series of high quality releases. Not only musically Stratovarius... Continue Reading →

Review MAD MAX ‘Wings of Time’

Mad Max belongs to the spearhead of German melodic metal since the beginning of the 80s. The band was founded by guitarist Jürgen Breforth and with 'Heavy Metal' the guys released their debut album in 1982. After the band had to face several line-up changes, Mad Max released 'Night of Passion', an album that helped... Continue Reading →

Review DYNAZTY ‘Final Advent’

Even if the new album of Sweden's melodic metal band Dynasty is called 'Final Advent', the record has nothing to do with Christmas and Advent. Rather, the five Swedes do everything they can to request an entry into the record collection of their fans through musical art. 'Final Advent' is the eighth album of the... Continue Reading →

Review SOILWORK ‘Övergivenheten’

Melodic death metal from Sweden's west coast is not just music from Gothenburg. A few hours driving south of Gothenburg is Helsingborg, the home of Soilwork. It all started in 1996 and since then the sextet with frontman Björn Strid has become one of the most established acts of this genre. The debut album 'Steelbath... Continue Reading →

Review A-Z ‘A-Z’

Often it is singer and guitarist who come together to create music. In the event of A-Z, however, the story has a different beginning. A-Z is the brainchild of drum legend Mark Zonder, known from bands like Warlord and Fates Warning. At the beginning of 2020 Zonder had the idea to create a band that... Continue Reading →

Review H.E.A.T. ‘Force Majeure’

When Erik Grönwall left H.E.A.T. in 2020 the question arose how the melodic rockers would continue their so far successful journey through the world of melodic rock. The quintet had just released a very good album called ' H.E.A.T. II' and the search for a new singer was suddenly the most important thing that had... Continue Reading →

Review NORDIC UNION ‘Animalistic’

The first time I heard the voice of Ronnie Atkins was back in 1984 when I listened to 'Cold Killer' from Pretty Maids. No doubt, the guitars impressed but Atkins with his unique voice was a wow moment. In the meantime many years went by and the devastating news of Atkins fighting cancer was a... Continue Reading →

Review SINNER ‘Brotherhood’

Mat Sinner has been integrated into many bands and projects for decades. Mostly he is even the driving force, fueled by an unbridled passion for rock and metal. It all started in the '80s when Sinner debuted with 'Wild'n'Evil'. Slowly and steadily Mat Sinner and his band built up a solid base of fans and... Continue Reading →

Review JORN ’Over the Horizon Radar’

I guess, that if you are interested in hard rock and melodic metal, the name Jorn isn’t a stranger to you. The Norwegian singer enriched already many bands and projects with his voice. Avantasia, Masterplan and Allen-Lande are just some of them. Next to all these engagements, Jorn Lande found always empty spots in his... Continue Reading →

Review BLOODY HEELS ‘Rotten Romance’

The front cover of Bloody Heels’ newest release ‘Rotten Romance’ reminds a lot of bands like Lillian Axe and Dokken. Thus might not be a coincidence. Especially the early might belong to the favorite bands of the four Latvian hard rockers. ‘Rotten Romance’ is the third album of the quartet and the second one the... Continue Reading →

Review GOLDSMITH ‘Of Sound and Fury’

Michael Goldschmidt aka started his metal career back in 1992 as being part of Sourthn German thrash metal band Blackend. These are metallic roots of the guitarist and singer and after Blackend disbanded in 2002 Goldsmith continued with following his passion for music. He worked together with blues rock icons like Bernard Allison with tours... Continue Reading →

HAIL MARY songs will be released on July 4th

Perhaps not everyone is familiar with the band name Hail Mary. However, it should be different with Leatherwolf. The metallers from Huntington Beach, California have caught attention with very good albums, whereby the best records were certainly made in the first phase between 1985 and 1989. The first era of Leatherwolf ended after the release... Continue Reading →

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