Review BIG CITY ‘Sunwind Sails’

Big City is the brainchild of Daniel Olaisen who started the band and gave the outfit an 80’s rock and melodic metal sound. The 2014 released debut album gave a first taste of what the Norwegians stand for and the newest record ‘Sunwind Sails’ marks the fourth release of the five-piece band. In 2019, Big... Continue Reading →

Review ENEMY EYES ‘History’s Hand’

Johnny Gioeli is no stranger to gritty hard rock and powerful metal. The Brooklyn-based singer stepped into the spotlight in 1992 when he delivered an stunning debut album with Hardline. However, after a follow-up album to 'Double Eclipse' took ten years to complete, Gioeli turned his attention to new tasks and signed on with Germany's... Continue Reading →

Review THRESHOLD ‘Dividing Lines’

Since their foundation in 1988 and the debut album released in 1993, England's progressive metallers Threshold are a much respected player when it comes to sophisticated metal. Karl Groom and his bandmates always manage to impress with excellent albums and also the latest record, 'Diving Lines' is a treat for fans of ambitious metal. The... Continue Reading →

Review STRYPER ‘The Final Battle’

One of the first white metal bands were Stryper. The California-based group started in the 80s and there were several things that made them the talk of the town. First, there were the yellow and black striped stage clothes and the fact that a band threw bibles into the audience was also rather unusual. Calculated... Continue Reading →

Review JADED HEART ‘Heart Attack’

The Swedish/German formation Jaded Heart was already founded in 1994 and delivers new albums with consistency. The quartet could impress with 'Stand Your Ground' in 2020 and these days it's the new album 'Heart Attack' which is on its way. A total of eleven songs have found a place on the longplayer and manifest a... Continue Reading →

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