ICONIC – not only because of the bandname

A few weeks ago, Skills presented their debut and now it is a next group of renowned musicians coming together as Iconic. The band consist of Nathan James (Vocals) (Inglorious), Michael Sweet (Guitars, Vocals) (Stryper), Joel Hoekstra (Guitars) (Whitesnake), Marco Mendoza (Bass) (Thin Lizzy, Black Star Riders, The Dead Daisies, Journey) and Tommy Aldridge (Drums)... Continue Reading →

Review RADIANT ‘Written By Life’

‘Written By Life’ is the second album from German melodic metal outfit Radiant. The band premiered with ‘Radiant’ in 2018 and returns four years later with a new longplayer. The quintet, consisting of Herbie Langhans (v), Carsten Stepanowicz (g), Flo Gottsleben (g), Markus Beck (b) and  Manni Spalka (d) offer eleven songs with roots in... Continue Reading →

Review TREAT ‘The Endgame’

The Southern part of Stockholm, that is the home of Treat, a melodic rock outfit with a long track record. The band started in the heydays of melodic rock and is the brainchild of singer Robert Ernlund and guitarist Anders Wikström. The band unleashed their first longplayer ‘Scratch and Bite’ in 1985, a time when... Continue Reading →

Review DARE ‘Road to Eden’

Dare is the brainchild of former Thin Lizzy keyboarder Darren Wharton and guitarist Vinny Burns (Ultravox, Ten, Asia).  The two guys founded the band in 1985 and after the line-up has been completed, work on the debut gained speed. Dare premiered in 1988 with ‘Out of the Silence’ and could enlarge their fanbase with the... Continue Reading →

Review ALTZI ‘All Eyes on Me’

Helsingborg, Sweden, that is a smaller peaceful town in the southwest of Sweden, about an hour away from Malmö. The music scene of the city is quite lively with the music club Tivoli as the center. Singer Rock Altzi is from Helsingborg and from there started a career that led him amongst others to At... Continue Reading →

Review RONNIE ATKINS ‘Make it Count’

Danish rock and metal veteran Ronnie Atkins is a fighter. Since years, the iconic singer and frontman battles cancer and diagnosis aren’t positive once. Since time becomes very precious for the singer and probably also as a kind of distraction, Atkins follows his heart and puts a focus on music. The singer found with Chris... Continue Reading →

Review SIGN X ‘Back to Eden’

Hamburg’s metal band Sign X emerged from Châlice, a group from the 90s. Steve Lagleder, Michael Mehl and Oliver Scheer, they all have a history with Châlice and teamed up with singer Sebastian Zierof (v). The band worked on their next longplayer ‘Like a Fire’. The album is professionally done record with songs, echoing a... Continue Reading →


Radioactive is the brainchild of Swedish musician and producer Tommy Denander who started the project in 1991. It took a while before Denander could release the debut album. Ten years after having started Radioactive the first album hit the shelves, a record named ‘Ceremony of Innocence’. Three more records followed, of which the 2015 release... Continue Reading →

Review TEN ‘Here Be Monsters’

‘Here Be Monsters’ is the title of the new album from UK melodic rock powerhouse Ten. At the same time, it is the first of two longplayers Gary Hughes, John Halliwell and bandmates worked on during the days of pandemic. There is now real link between the two records. It was more the great flow... Continue Reading →

Review AUTUMN’S CHILD ‘Zenith’

Autumn’s Child is a band, being the brainchild of Swedish musician Mikael Erlandsson. The one or the other might be familiar with the name, thinking about Erlandsson’s days with Phenomena and Secret Service. Another milestone is Last Autumns Dream, a band he founded together with Fair Warning guitarist And Malecek. After 14  longplayers released, the... Continue Reading →

Review MAGNUM ‘The Monster Roars’

Melodic rockers Magnum premiered in 1978 with the ‘Kingdom of Madness’ album and belongs since then to the icon of a genre they impacted a lot. One of the success factors of Magnum is the combination of guitar and vocals with Tony Clarkin and Bob Catley, both being the driving forces of Magnum since the... Continue Reading →

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