CD review LONELY ROBOT ‘Under Stars’

(8/10) ‘Under Stars’ is the final chapter of a trilogy that began in 2015 with an album entitled ‘Please Come Home’. The following chapter ‘The Big Dream’ continued the concept in 2017 and another two years later it’s this release that marks the closing chapter. The creative mind behind this trilogy of Lonely Robot is... Continue Reading →

CD review RPWL ‘Tales from Outer Space’

(9/10) Music from Bavaria is often reduced to humpa-humpa Oktoberfest music, but the region in Germany's South-East brings more to table. One representative of Bavarian music with style is RPWL. The four guys from Freising, Bavaria is the successor of a band called Violet District. Kalle Wallner and Chris Postl played in this band and... Continue Reading →

CD review BURNING RAIN ‘Face the Music’

(9/10) If an album/band includes Doug Aldrich on guitar the result can‘t be anything else than a blistering rock record with excellent guitar play as a fundamental ingredient. Regardless if it is Aldrich’s contribution to The Dead Daisies or Revolution Saints, all good bands with great songs in their musical repertoire. Another outfit, with Aldrich... Continue Reading →

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