Review KHYMERA ‘Hold Your Ground’

Normally bands and projects Dennis Ward is involved in are of high quality. Khymera is no exception. Since their debut album in 2003, the band has been regularly delivering new records, and the sixth album, 'Hold Your Ground', is being released as we speak. Despite a very busy schedule Ward always manages to find time... Continue Reading →

THE REVENANTS reveal album details

The Revenants, incl. Michelle Darkness (End Of Green), will release their debut album ‘Ghosts’ on April 21st, 20023 through El Puerto Records. The first song has been revealed already and there 19 more to come. A total of 20 songs will be spread over two CDs and this is how the tracklist looks like: Disc... Continue Reading →

New ANTHEM album in April

Next to Loudness, Anthem belongs to the most known metal representatives from Japan. The band from Tokyo released well-crafted metal records like ‘Tightrope’ and after having had a hiatus until 2000 Anthem released a very solid number of records in their second era. Anthem just announced these days a next album. ‘Crimson & Jet Black’... Continue Reading →

Review eMOLECULE ‘The Architect’

eMolecule is the band of Simon Collins and Kelly Nordstrom. With 'The Architect' the two have finished their debut album, which will hit the record stores these days. The collaboration of the both started already in 2005 in Vancouver, Canada and focused at the beginning on Collins' solo career. This fueled the creativity of the... Continue Reading →

Review ZSK ‘Hass/Liebe’

ZSK is a German punk rock band, hailing from Göttingen. The guys started back in 1997 and unleashed a demo the same year. Nowadays ZSK belongs to the established bands when it comes to punk rock with a noticeable number of releases over the last 25 years. The second era of the band began in... Continue Reading →

Review THE POOR ‘High Price Deed’

We have known that hard rock made in Australia is a quality feature at least since AC/DC. In addition, bands like Rose Tattoo and Airbourne have delighted the world with excellent rock music. In addition, The Poor have been drawing attention to themselves since 1986 with well-made hard rock. Started as The Poor Boys, the... Continue Reading →

HALIPHRON unveil album details

Dutch metal force Haliphron was formed in 2021. Sharing the same musical vision, the band worked on their debut album. ‘Prey’ that’s the title of their first longplayer which will be released on March 31st, 2023 via Listenable Records. The band comments on the album concept:" ‘Prey' is all about being a hunter - or... Continue Reading →

GRAVEWORM launched a new single

South Tyrolian metal institution Graveworm return with anew song called ‘Escorting the Soul’. The song is taken from the upcoming album ‘Killing Innocence’ which will be the first studio release of the band in eight years. Vocalist Stefano Fiori says: "Escorting The Soul is the second single of our upcoming album, a typical Graveworm-midtempo track... Continue Reading →

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