Review OMNIUM GATHERUM ‘Slasher’

Finland's melodic death metallers Omnium Gatherum are proud to present a new EP. 'Slasher' is the name of the release and it will hit the record stores in the next few days. Altogether the band from Kotka has recorded four songs, three of which are self-composed while also a cover version has sneaked on the... Continue Reading →

Review FROZEN SOUL ‘Glacial Domination’

Fort Worth, Texas is the home of a rather new death metal outfit. Frozen Soul is the name of this five-piece and the guys premiered with a remarkable album called ‘Crypt of Ice’. This happened in 2021 and two years later the sophomore longplayer hit the shelves. ‘Glacial Domination’ is the title of the newest... Continue Reading →

Review ENFORCED ‘War Remains’

Richmond, Virginia is known for fabulous metal bands, thinking about representatives like Municipal Waste and Lamb Of God. Enforced is also hailing from this metal melting pot. Three years after founding the band. the quintet launched their debut album called 'At the Walls’. The record created attention at Century Media who signed the band and... Continue Reading →

Review GRAVE PLEASURES ‘Plagueboys’

Grave Pleasures hail from Finland and started in 2010. The debut album ‘Climax’ is available at the stores since 2013. The band started as Beastmilk before they transformed themselves into Grave Pleasures. With ‘Plagueboys’ the guys have finished work on their newest workpiece, album number three they added to their discography. Grave Pleasures consequently follow... Continue Reading →

Review TRIBULATION ‘Hamartia’ (EP)

Swedish masters of darkness, Tribulation, worked on a new EP called ‘Hamartia’. It is the first release that features the band’s new guitarist Joseph Tholl. He replaced Jonathan Hultén who decided to focus on his solo career. Although Tribulation started in the fields of Swedish death metal, the band added over time an extra portion... Continue Reading →

Review NIGHT DEMON ‘Outsider’

Following the development of a band from the beginning is always an exciting affair, because you don't know where the journey will take them. One such band is Night Demon from Ventura, California. We go back to 2012, when the band released a self-titled EP, which was re-released in August 2013 by Shadow Kingdom Records.... Continue Reading →

Review INSOMNIUM ‘Anno 1696’

The Finns of Insomnium are well-known, since they have been around since 1997. With an impressive discography of eight longplayers, the Finns have delivered excellent results over the past years. However, the latest studio album 'Heart Like a Grave' was released almost four years ago and it was the 'Argent Moon' EP that helped to... Continue Reading →

INSOMNIUM revealed ‘The Witch Hunter’

Finnish metal outfit Insomnium has a new album in the starting blocks. ‘Anno 1696’ is the ninth full-length record the band will release on February 24th, 20203 and with ‘The Witch Hunter’ a next song from the album is unveiled. Guitarist Markus Vanhala comments about the track: "This is a good example of a song... Continue Reading →

Review SPIRITWORLD ‘Deathwestern’

Spiritworld is the brainchild of Stu Folsom. The singer and multi-instrumentalist first appeared in 2017 with a demo before the 7" called 'Viper Blood' was released. At that time the sound was still very country influenced while rock and punk elements positively impacted the sound. However, Folsom changed the musical direction and used a heavier... Continue Reading →

Review VOIVOD ‘Ultraman’ – EP

Sci-Fi metal creators Voivod are coming up with an unusual EP these days. 'Ultraman' is the name of the record and represents fun above all. During the recording session for 'Synchro Anarchy', Voivod also recorded a few songs, which did not end up on the album. These songs are a homage to the Japanese science... Continue Reading →

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