WOLF announce a new studio album

The howling of wolves in the Swedish forests already announces it, Wolf return with a new album. It will be called 'Shadowland' and will be available in the record stores on April 1. 'Shadowland' is the ninth album of the four Swedes and the album comes via Century Media. Niklas Stalvind (vocals / guitar) checks... Continue Reading →

VOIVOD announce ‘Synchro Anarchy’

‘Synchro Anarchy’ is the title of the upcoming Voivod album. Release date will be February 11th, 2022 and the record comes via Century Media Records. “We are eager to present our latest work, a real collaborative effort. The new album represents countless hours of writing, demoing, recording, mixing and so on. The band and Francis... Continue Reading →

Review BONDED ‘Into Blackness’

Bonded resulted from the fact of Bernmann and Makka leaving Sodom back in 2018. With not having the intention to sit still and wait for new opportunities, the guys started with Bonded an outlet for metal passion and riff dedication. A debut album was released in 2020 and ‘Rest in Violence’ got a lot of... Continue Reading →

Review LUCIFER ‘Lucifer IV’

The first time that my attention was directed towards Lucifer was when the band opened for Paradise Lost. That was back in 2015 and I had the chance to witness the band performing live in Utrecht, The Netherlands. A lot happened since then. At the time, the driving forces behind Lucifer was Johanna Sadonis, one... Continue Reading →

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