Review MORGOTH ‘Ungod’ (re-release)

One of the pioneers when it comes to German death metal is a band, hailing from Meschede, North Rhine-Westphalia. Their name – Morgoth. Death metal gained momentum in the early 90s and Morgoth was one of the first bands from Germany that could establish themselves as an important part of this soaring new chapter of... Continue Reading →

Review YES ‘The Quest’

UK sound architects Yes are one of the pioneers of progressive rock. Founded in 1968, the band can look back on an eventful history, to which even after more than five decades new chapters are still being added. In this case it is 'The Quest'. Yes, these days are Steve Howe (guitars, vocals), Alan White... Continue Reading →

Review KRYPTOS ‘Force of Danger’

India's metal export number one, Kryptos, are back with a new longplayer. 'Force of Danger' is the name of the sixth album of the four metal enthusiasts from Bangalore. Kryptos has established an unbelievable career and could leave the exotic status behind. The guys became a constant force in heavy metal. The debut 'Spiral Ascent'... Continue Reading →

Review TREMONTI ‘Marching in Time’

Mark Tremonti certainly needs no introduction. The guitarist and singer has developed over the years as a force in alternative rock and metal. With Alter Bridge and throughout his solo career, Tremonti can built on a steadily growing fan base and the new solo album 'Marching in Time' will increase the reach even more. 'Marching... Continue Reading →

Review RIVERS OF NIHIL ‘The Work’

Rivers Of Nihil, hailing from Reading, Pennsylvania, unleashed their first EP 11 years ago and premiered with ‘The Conscious Seed of Light’ in 2013. Having found a home at Metal Blade Records, the band released two next longplayers with ‘The Work’ being the next addition to the family. ‘The Work’ might be a bit of... Continue Reading →

Review DORO ‘Triumph and Agony Live’

‚Burning the Witches‘ was the start, ‚Hellbound‘ laid the foundation and ‚Triumph and Agony‘ was the big break-through for German metal enthusiasts of Warlock. The album was the beginning of something big and although Warlock disbanded a couple of years after having unleashed the classic, it is Doro Pesch that took the baton and never... Continue Reading →

Review CARCASS ‘Torn Arteries’

England's riff surgeons Carcass played with albums like 'Heartwork' a significant role in the growing popularity of death metal in the early 90s. Even before their fifth album 'Swansong' was released, the band announced that they were breaking up, and metal fans were all the more relieved when the news in 2016 pointed to a... Continue Reading →

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