Review SHAKRA ‘Invincible’

If you are 26 years in business and if you released 12 records, then you obviously do something right. Swiss hard rock outfit Shakra can look back on such a storyline and the journey didn’t end. If this also means that you are invincible is something I can’t tell, but at least ‘Invincible’ is the... Continue Reading →

Review EXTREME ‘Six’

It might be for sure a nice thing if the debut album of a band can score big success and if the sophomore album continues the winning streak, things feel even better. At the same time, expectations are rising too and the pressure to deliver gets stronger. Extreme is one of the bands that went... Continue Reading →

Review THE IDIOTS ‘König der Idioten’

The Idiots belong to the forerunners of German-based punk rock. The band started its first era in 1978. Sir Hannes and bandmates generated a wider interest with Jello Biafra from the legendary Dead Kennedys ordering the first 5-track single of the band called ‘Der S04 und der BVB’. After a first wild era, The Idiots... Continue Reading →


Einar Solberg became known as the singer and keyboarder of Leprous. Together with his bandmates, he has been enchanting listeners since 2001, which was evident not least on the tour that has just come to an end. With '16', the singer now presents a solo album. The title of the album goes back to Solberg's... Continue Reading →


Ray Alder's voice is one of the best that metal and rock has to offer these days. I have been fascinated by the singer's expressive voice since Fates Warning's 'No Exit' album, a voice that is also extremely recognizable. Alder also delivered very good work with Redemption and Engine which underpinned his position. It was... Continue Reading →

Review OMNIUM GATHERUM ‘Slasher’

Finland's melodic death metallers Omnium Gatherum are proud to present a new EP. 'Slasher' is the name of the release and it will hit the record stores in the next few days. Altogether the band from Kotka has recorded four songs, three of which are self-composed while also a cover version has sneaked on the... Continue Reading →


It's always a tricky thing with supergroups. Sometimes they are designed on the drawing board and have mainly a commercial aspect. Sometimes, however, it opens up the possibility for the musicians involved to express themselves musically outside the confines of the established mother ship. When Alice Cooper, Joe Perry and Johnny Depp decided to start... Continue Reading →

Review VOMITORY ‘All Heads are Gonna Roll’

Vomitory, hailing from Karlstad, Sweden are forerunners when it comes to Swedish death metal. The band premiered in 1996 with ‘Raped By Their Own Blood’ and unleashed longplayers on a regular base. The band always came up with new material, at least until 2011 when the guys launched ‘Opus Mortis VIII’. What followed was a... Continue Reading →

Review ELEGANT WEAPONS ‘Horns For a Halo’

Elegant Weapons is an interesting new constellation of musicians, with the line-up including Richie Faulkner, a long-time Judas Priest guitarist. In addition, Ronnie Romero lends his voice to the band, while the rhythm section consists of Dave Rimmer (Uriah Heep) and Christopher Williams (Accept). Thus, there are experts at work in the band. The fact... Continue Reading →

Review IMMORTAL ‘War Against All’

The new Immortal album can't exactly be described as a quick fix, as it took five years before the band from Bergen, Norway shipped their new work 'War Against All' from the Norwegian fjords into the world. Other than Northern Chaos God, the previous album, the new record is actually a kind of Demonaz solo... Continue Reading →

Review YES ‘Mirror to the Sky’

Yes exist for more than 50 years and have significantly influenced the world of progressive rock music through countless albums. Following the release of 'Heaven & Earth' in 2014, it took a while until the prog rock veterans returned with another studio album. 'The Quest' was released in 2021, and the fact that the next... Continue Reading →

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