First two HIRAX albums available in vinyl again

Legendary metal outfit Hirax premiered in 1985 with an album called ‘Raging Violence’. The sophomore longplayer ‘Hate, Fear and Power’ was unleashed next, also through Metal Blade Records. These days Armageddon Label re-issues both records as vinyl. The first time in 20 years. Release date will be April 22nd, 2023 and the audio has been... Continue Reading →


To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Roadrunner Records, the label arranged an all-star session, an event that took place on December 15th, 2005 at Nokia Theater in New York City. A total of 57 musicians, representing 45 bands performed a huge number of songs with Joey Jordison of Slipknot, Robb Flynn of Machine Head, Dino... Continue Reading →

Review TOXIK ‘Dis Morta’

Toxik is back with their first new album in 23 years and challenges like a wicked fastball does. But one thing after the other. Toxik belonged to the hopeful bands in the late 80s. The quintet did not only stand for relentless thrash metal but also brought a lot of technical ambition into this harsh... Continue Reading →

Review REZET ‘New World Murder’ – EP

Rezet main man Ricky Wagner had some important decisions to make. The question if to continue with the band or not, after guitarist Heiko Musolf and bassist Bjarne Otto left Rezet, needed an answer. Wagner decided to continue with the band, found some new partners and crime and recorded an EP called ‘New World Murder’.... Continue Reading →

HELLOWEEN announce ‘Best Time’ and starts touring

Helloween announced a vinyl single called ‘Best Time’ on May 20th, 2022 and equally exciting is the start of their tour. Together with Swedish metal icons Hammerfall, Helloween starts the ‘United Forces’-tour tomorrow at Manchester Academy in Manchester, UK. The grand finale will take place one year later on May 6th, 2023 in Hamburg. And... Continue Reading →

Review MIDNIGHT ‘Let There Be Witchery’

Five, four, three two, one … midnight. Witching hour. This time it’s less the witches that appear, it’s the reaper. Scythe, fire and knife, all accessories connect with Cleveland-based metal enthusiast Athenar and his project Midnight. Founded in 2003 Midnight release numerous singles and EP before a full-length debut reached the record stores in 2011.... Continue Reading →

Review TYMO ‘The Art of a Maniac’

Edmonton, Canada isn’t just the home of one of the best ice hockey teams. The headquarter of thrash metallers TYMO is also based in Alberta. TYMO started in 2014 and released two longplayers to date. These days the third longplayer has been unleashed to excite metalheads all over the world. TYMO is purely based on... Continue Reading →

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