Review ISSA ‘Lights of Japan’

Issa, that is Oslo-born singer Isabell Øversveen who started the outfit in 2010. Issa has six longplayers in the books and number seven is marking the start of a new year in rock. ‘Lights of Japan’ is the title of the newest work piece of the Norwegian singer and contains eleven songs. ‘Live Again’ is... Continue Reading →

Review BIG CITY ‘Sunwind Sails’

Big City is the brainchild of Daniel Olaisen who started the band and gave the outfit an 80’s rock and melodic metal sound. The 2014 released debut album gave a first taste of what the Norwegians stand for and the newest record ‘Sunwind Sails’ marks the fourth release of the five-piece band. In 2019, Big... Continue Reading →

Review SABU ‘Banshee’

Paul Sabu has been one of the greats of the rock music business for more than 30 years. The singer, guitarist and producer began in 1979 with a debut album, which was simply named 'Sabu'. This was the beginning of a career that brought solo albums, but also fueled many collaborations with well-known artists. Alice... Continue Reading →

Review ENEMY EYES ‘History’s Hand’

Johnny Gioeli is no stranger to gritty hard rock and powerful metal. The Brooklyn-based singer stepped into the spotlight in 1992 when he delivered an stunning debut album with Hardline. However, after a follow-up album to 'Double Eclipse' took ten years to complete, Gioeli turned his attention to new tasks and signed on with Germany's... Continue Reading →

Review AUTOGRAPH ‘Beyond’

Autograph's 1984 animation anthem 'Turn Up the Radio' catapulted the band into the charts. The song climbed to #29 in the US charts and Autograph were the talk of the town. With a title like that, radio airplay was guaranteed and something big could have developed. However, Autograph could not turn the initial triumph into... Continue Reading →

Review CHEZ KANE ‘Powerzone’

There are several musical references relating to the sound of Chez Kane. Many of them also refer to the 80s, a time when great melodies were in focus and it was hooks that wouldn't let you go. The English singer Chez Kane takes this spirit and transports it to the present time. Together with Danny... Continue Reading →

Review STRYPER ‘The Final Battle’

One of the first white metal bands were Stryper. The California-based group started in the 80s and there were several things that made them the talk of the town. First, there were the yellow and black striped stage clothes and the fact that a band threw bibles into the audience was also rather unusual. Calculated... Continue Reading →

Review ORIANTHI ‘Rock Candy’

Not least due to her time in the live band of rock icon Alice Cooper, Orianthi Panagaris has built up an excellent reputation as a guitarist. In addition, the guitarist from Adelaide, Australia released a whole series of solo albums of which 'O' in 2020 is the most recent. These days, a follow-up, 'Rock Candy',... Continue Reading →

Review HOUSE OF LORDS ‘Saints and Sinners’

Even though the term 'supergroup' is used almost inflationary these days, House Of Lords were certainly one in their early days. Besides singer James Christian there were Gregg Griuffria, Chuck Wright, Ken Mary and Lanny Cordola on board; all well-sounding names. This quintet had a major influence on melodic metal and delivered a timeless classic... Continue Reading →

Review TABOO ‘Taboo’

Following Nordic Union another band/project with a Pretty Maids member is starting off. This time it's Ken Hammer who has teamed up with H.E.R.O. singer Christoffer Stjerne to establish Taboo. The Danes are the driving force of the band and for some songs they get support from well-known names like Mat Sinner, who plays bass... Continue Reading →

Review RESTLESS SPIRITS ‘Second to None’

Restless Spirits is a project driven by Tony Hernando of Lords Of Black. In collaboration with Frontiers Music, the guitarist has expressed his preference for melodic rock on a sound carrier. After the mother ship is more in the metallic realms on the way, Hernando focuses with Restless Spirits on catchy songs that can be... Continue Reading →

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