Review SAXON ‘More Inspirations’

Saxon are one of the pioneers of heavy metal and have shaped the genre like hardly any other band. Compared to some of the earlier colleagues Saxon still offer good to very good studio albums and also live the band still delivers. Even in an iconic band like Saxon, however, the members have role models... Continue Reading →

LOST SOCIETY announce tour dates

Lost Society will hit the road early June for a few shows in Europe. Frontman Samy Elbanna comments: “After the biggest Finnish tour of our career, we are beyond excited to announce the first European headline dates for the “If the Sky Came Down” tour!  We can’t wait to bring you a long set of... Continue Reading →

New METAL CHURCH album in May

US metal veterans Metal Church announced a new album, their 13th studio album. ‘Congregation of Annihilation’ is the title of this longplayer that will be released on May 26th, 2023 via Reaper Entertainment. It is the first release after the tragic death of Metal Church frontman Mike Howe in July 2021. With Marc Lopez the... Continue Reading →

Review MDXX ‘MDXX’

MDXX is still relatively unknown and also surrounded by a cloak of mystery. What we do know is that MDXX consists of four musicians who call themselves V, T, C and A. The musical head of the band is V. V is the musical head of the band and is responsible for both music and... Continue Reading →

Review GATEKEEPER ‘From Western Shores’

Canadian epic metal force Gatekeeper first hit the scene in 2013 when they released their first EP called 'Prophecy and Judgement'. However, it took a few more years until the band could finish their first full-length studio album 'East of Sun', which was released through Cruz Del Sur. With 'From Western Shores' the second album... Continue Reading →

Review NIGHT DEMON ‘Outsider’

Following the development of a band from the beginning is always an exciting affair, because you don't know where the journey will take them. One such band is Night Demon from Ventura, California. We go back to 2012, when the band released a self-titled EP, which was re-released in August 2013 by Shadow Kingdom Records.... Continue Reading →


Already a few days in the record stores and very relevant for fans of well-made doom metal, this is the new album from Iron Void. Some of you will surely already have the band on the metal radar screens, because after all the guys have been on their mission to bring good metal to the... Continue Reading →

Review AIR RAID ‘Fatal Encounter’

One of the Gothenburg metal representatives are Air Raid. The band started 2009 and follow their passion for traditional metal. The debut was unleashed in 2012 and is entitled ‘Night of the Axe’, followed by two additional longplayers. Six years after having released ‘Cross the Line’, Air Raid are back with a new record called... Continue Reading →

ENFORCER reveal ‘Nostalgia’-details

Four years after having released with ‘Zenith’ their latest studio album, Swedish metal maniacs Enforcer announce a new longplayer. ‘Nostalgia’ will be released on May 5th, 2023 and will come via Nuclear Blast Records. Enforcer's Olof Wikstrand comments: "We’re super happy to announce the first new music in four years! Heavy metal is ‘Coming Alive’.... Continue Reading →

New ANTHEM album in April

Next to Loudness, Anthem belongs to the most known metal representatives from Japan. The band from Tokyo released well-crafted metal records like ‘Tightrope’ and after having had a hiatus until 2000 Anthem released a very solid number of records in their second era. Anthem just announced these days a next album. ‘Crimson & Jet Black’... Continue Reading →

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