Review U.D.O. ‘The Legacy’

There is not much to say about Udo Dirkschneider. The singer with the raspy and distinctive voice has been one of the icons of German heavy metal for decades. Known as the voice of Accept, Dirkschneider has grown into an artist in his own right after parting ways with the band, and has come up... Continue Reading →

Review MYTHOSHERE ‘Pathological’

Mythosphere is a new band with familiar faces. Member of Bezzlefuzz, Fates Warning and Pale Divine have teamed up to make some music together. The result is an album that should be well received in epic metal communities. Mythosphere are Dana Ortt, Victor Arduini, Ron McGinnis and Darin McCloskey. The quartet combines traditional heavy metal... Continue Reading →

Review LEATHERWOLF ‘Kill the Hunted’

'Leatherwolf' and especially 'Street Ready' belong to the best US metal from California offered. Even though both albums achieved remarkable success, Leatherwolf always remained in the shadow of other great bands. The band broke up in 1991 and also an alternative called Hail Mary did not last. The band returned in 2006 with their 'World... Continue Reading →

Review THEM ‘Fear City’

Them started as a King Diamond cover band, which also explains the band name. While the debut album 'Sweet Hollow' was still very much inspired by the sound of their idol, Them began to create their own style with the second album 'Manor of the Se7en Gables'. Power metal elements gained in importance, while the... Continue Reading →

Review XENTRIX ‘Seven Words’

After Xentrix announced their disbanding in 1997, it was not predictable that the guys would resurrect a few years later. But never say never. Three years ago the band released 'Bury the Pain', a more than decent comeback album, and now they have a new album coming up with 'Seven Words'. The sixth album of... Continue Reading →

Review SAHG ‘Born Demon’

Bergen, on the west coast of Norway, is perhaps not exactly what you would call a metropolis. Nevertheless, the second largest city in Norway is home to a very agile and creative metal scene. One of the bands that have their headquarters in Bergen are the doom metallers from Sahg, who are currently thrilling the... Continue Reading →

Review IRON ALLIES ‘Blood In, Blood Out’

When Herman Frank and David Reece join forces, then one can speak with a clear conscience of a metal alliance. Both guitarist and singer are known among other things through their time with Germany's metal heroes Accept, but have also had enough other projects at the start, which additionally strengthened their position in metal. Now... Continue Reading →

Review RIOT CITY ‘Electric Elite’

I ended the review for the debut 'Burn the City' with "Riot City, an unstoppable force." and it is exactly the conclusion after having listened to the sophomore album 'Electric Elite'. It was the debut album 'Burn the Night' that caused a stir in underground metal worlds. The guys from Alberta, Canada managed to release... Continue Reading →

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