Review TOXIK ‘Dis Morta’

Toxik is back with their first new album in 23 years and challenges like a wicked fastball does. But one thing after the other. Toxik belonged to the hopeful bands in the late 80s. The quintet did not only stand for relentless thrash metal but also brought a lot of technical ambition into this harsh... Continue Reading →

Review KRISIUN ‘Mortem Solis’

Brazil's death metal heroes Krisiun are certainly not unknown, because the guys from Ijuí have been around since 1990. It all started with the 'Black Force Domain' album which shook the foundations of the metal world in 1995. The record was the keystone for a career that has lasted more than three decades and is... Continue Reading →

XENTRIX announce ‘Seven Words’

UK-thrash band Xentrix belonged to the hopeful in the second half of the 80s with the potential to compete with the Bay Area forerunners. Things came to an end though in 1988 when the band disbanded. A few comeback attempts happened over time, but the first countable comeback sign happened in 1019 when Xentrix released... Continue Reading →

Review WITCHERY ‘Nightside’

Metal powerhouse Witchery will release their new album 'Nightside' on July 22. The quintet from Linköping, Sweden started their witch dance in 1997 and underlined it with seven very solid albums.With Patrik Jensen and Richard Corpse two founding members are still active while the year 2016 brought a more drastic line-up change. Chris Barkensjö (d)... Continue Reading →

TANKARD & Friends will release an new EP

Frankfurt-based thrash metal veterans Tankard recently announced their next studio album ‘Pavlov’s Dawgs’. Since the guys are also big fans of the local football club Eintracht Frankfurt, the band created with ‘Schwarz-weiß wie Schnee’ the club anthem which is played prior to each home game. Since Eintracht Frankfurt won the UEFA Cup in May this... Continue Reading →


Anthrax's 40th birthday fell on a year that was characterized by the pandemic. Concerts and tours were in the far distance and yet the five metal veterans didn't want to let the date pass by just like that. Since livestreaming was the only real way to play live at the time, the guys got together... Continue Reading →

Review FLAMES ‘Resurgence’

Even though some of you may not have heard of Flames, the band is not new. It all started in 1984 when Chris Kirk founded the outfit. 'Made in Hell, that's the title of the debut album which was released in 1985, followed by five more longplayers. Even though the band never broke up, it... Continue Reading →

Review TRAITOR ‘Exiled to the Surface’

Balingen is the home of the Bang Your Head Festival and Traitor also have their headquarters in the heart of Swabia. Andreas, Lorenz and Gerd started Traitor there in 2009, while guitarist Matthias joined the band in 2013. With every album Traitor releases, the four Swabians solidify their position in the German metal scene. It... Continue Reading →

Review DARKANE ‘Inhuman Spirits’

Darkane from Helsingborg, Sweden started when bands like Dark Tranquillity and In Flames were already on their way to the top of Swedish death metal. Even though the five musicians could never really catch up with this lead, they managed to constantly expand their fanbase with very good albums. With 'Demonic Art' the band released... Continue Reading →

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