CD review HELLYEAH ‘Welcome Home’

(8/10) 'Welcome Home' is contemporary music history, not only because the album featuring well-done Modern Metal. It's also the fact that it's the last musical contribution of legendary Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott who passed away in June 2018. With the exception of one song all tracks include the hard-hitting druuming of Vinnie Paul. 'Skyy... Continue Reading →

CD review ALGEBRA ‘Pulse?’

(9/10) Today I want to bring a band to your attention that crossed my way a couple of days ago - Algebra from Switzerland. The guys aren't rookies but they never got a wider level of attention and this should be changed. Things started back in 2008 in Lausanne, Switzerland, when Mat, Tony, Ed and... Continue Reading →

CD review BAEST ‘Venenum’

(9/10) Danish heavyweight Baest is a rather new band. ‘The beast’ started in 2015 and premiered in 2018 with the acclaimed ‘Danse Macabre’. After having released the debut, the guys from Aarhus focused on touring activities, e.g. being the opener for Abbath. Being on the road and playing live brought the quintet even closer together... Continue Reading →

CD review SACRED REICH ‘Awakening’

(9/10) 23 years after having released with 'Heal' their so far latest album and after having played quite an amount of live shows over the last years, Sacred Reich is back with a whole new studio release. 'Awakening' is just their fifth album, it has to compete with genre defining longplayer such as 'Ignorance' and... Continue Reading →

CD review DESTRUCTION ‘Born to Perish’

(9/10) The ones of you that doesn’t know Destruction yet (are there any?) better fasten your seatbelt before pressing the ‘Start-button and all the other, go wild with this album. German Metal pioneers Destruction belong, together with Kreator and Sodom, to the spearhead of German Thrash Metal.  Starting in 1982 as Knight Of Demon a... Continue Reading →

CD review ENVENOMED ‘The Walking Shred’

(7/10) Australian Heavy Metal has a solid home base in Down Under. Bands like Mortal Sin paved the way for many (Thrash) Metal bands and it’s of course legendary AC/DC and Rose Tattoo that brought the fifth continent on everybody's Rock radar. Nowadays it’s the next generation, being in the starting blocks for their Metal... Continue Reading →

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