Review SPIRITWORLD ‘Deathwestern’

Spiritworld is the brainchild of Stu Folsom. The singer and multi-instrumentalist first appeared in 2017 with a demo before the 7" called 'Viper Blood' was released. At that time the sound was still very country influenced while rock and punk elements positively impacted the sound. However, Folsom changed the musical direction and used a heavier... Continue Reading →

A day at the sea with UNDERTOW

Undertow have been one of the most respected bands in the German metal underground over the last 30 years. With great albums, the guys have rightly brought themselves into the limelight again and again, gaining a very solid fan base. Many of these fans are located in the north of Germany, a region where the... Continue Reading →

Review VOIVOD ‘Ultraman’ – EP

Sci-Fi metal creators Voivod are coming up with an unusual EP these days. 'Ultraman' is the name of the record and represents fun above all. During the recording session for 'Synchro Anarchy', Voivod also recorded a few songs, which did not end up on the album. These songs are a homage to the Japanese science... Continue Reading →

Review XENTRIX ‘Seven Words’

After Xentrix announced their disbanding in 1997, it was not predictable that the guys would resurrect a few years later. But never say never. Three years ago the band released 'Bury the Pain', a more than decent comeback album, and now they have a new album coming up with 'Seven Words'. The sixth album of... Continue Reading →

Review LAMB OF GOD ‘Omens’

The success story of Lamb Of God started in 1999. One year before the beginning of a new millennium, the band renamed itself and Burn The Priest became Lamb Of God. Under their new moniker, the guys released their debut album 'New American Gospel' 22 years ago and became the talk of the town with... Continue Reading →

Review GURD ‘Hallucinations’

It's been eight years since gurD from Switzerland released an album. But now, with 'Hallucinations', the wait is over. V.O. Pulver, Pat, Franky and Steve have recorded ten new songs, which will slowly creep into the ear canals of their fans at the end of September. gurD stands for groove metal, based on thundering rhythms... Continue Reading →

Review I AM ‘Eternal Steel’

On September 9, I Am from Texas offer a new metal monolith. 'Eternal Steel' is the name of their latest effort, which should be of interest to fans of bands like Obituary, Sepultura and Morbid Angel. 'Eternal Steel' is already the third album of the five Texas guys and what can be found on the... Continue Reading →

Review TRAUMA ‘Awakening’

Trauma, for many, is the band where Cliff Burton played bass before joining Metallica, providing the guys with an incomparable groove. Trauma, however, are more than just the above-mentioned band with Cliff Burton. Trauma began in 1981 in San Francisco and delivered no more than one album in their first phase. 'Scratch and Scream' was... Continue Reading →


When former Vio-lence guitarist Robb Flynn founded Machine Head in 1991, times were not the best for thrash metal. Death metal, grunge and nu-metal were emerging and slowly gaining momentum while 80's thrash metal was on the decline. Machine Head, however, shattered these disadvantage with just one riff and everyone who has heard 'Davidian' knows... Continue Reading →

Live report W:O:A 2022 – August 5th, 2022

There have been a few rain showers overnight and it is also noticeably chillier in Germany's smallest/biggest heavy metal community. After the last little rain showers have disappeared, and with them, temporarily, the dust of the previous days, everyone is prepared for day three, which holds another highlight with Iowa's metal export number one, Slipknot.... Continue Reading →

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