It's always a tricky thing with supergroups. Sometimes they are designed on the drawing board and have mainly a commercial aspect. Sometimes, however, it opens up the possibility for the musicians involved to express themselves musically outside the confines of the established mother ship. When Alice Cooper, Joe Perry and Johnny Depp decided to start... Continue Reading →

LUCIFER launched a new video

Swedish heavy rockers Lucifer unleashed with ‘A Coffin has No Silver Lining (The Sistine Version)’ a new song. It is the first single the band reveals after having signed a deal with Nuclear Blast records and it is taken from the upcoming album ‘Lucifer V’. Here you can enjoy the song:

Review DEF LEPPARD ‘Drastic Symphonies’

Rock Meets Classic and Metal Meets Classic, that's always one of those things that include a certain risk. Sometimes it works, but often the opposite is the case. Now, Def Leppard give it a try and release 'Drastic Symphonies', an album which contains reworked versions of some of their big hits. In collaboration with the... Continue Reading →

Review NEAL SCHON ‘Journey Through Time’

Neal Schon is known as the founder and guitarist of Journey. The iconic rock band is still driven by Schon but the name is also connected to three Santana album, Hardline, Bad English and other bands/projects, not to forget his solo releases. On February 9th, 2018, Schon played a show at The Independent in Hollywood.... Continue Reading →

Review PLAINRIDE ‘Plainride’

What German rock and metal powerhouse Plainride offer on their new album is a musical curveball. The trio delivers versatile music that has many shades and twists. But who are Plainride? The band consists of Florian Schlenker, Max Rebel and Bob Vogston. The guys are based in Cologne and what they deliver with their third... Continue Reading →

HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES – live album and live shows

Three years of waiting come to an end. Hollywood Vampires, consisting of Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp and Joe Perry will embark on a tour through Europe in summer 2023 with seven shows taking place in Germany: 20.06.2023     Oberhausen               Rudolf-Weber-ARENA24.06.2023     München                    Olympiahalle 27.06.2023     Hamburg                    Stadtpark Open Air   28.06.2023     Berlin                          Zitadelle Spandau (Citadel Music Festival)  30.06.2023     Mainz                         ... Continue Reading →

Review WINGER ‘Seven’

Winger started quite successfully into their career. The band gained popularity the moment they released the self-titled debut album in 1988. Released under the wings of Atlantic Records, the longplayer achieved platinum stats in the US and was also successful in Canada as well as in Japan. The sophomore release ‘In the Heart of the... Continue Reading →

Review BLOOD CEREMONY ‘The Old Ways Remain’

Psychedelic rock powerhouse Blood Ceremony premiered with a self-titled album in 2008 and there were three more records that hit the stores. The latest release was an album called ‘Lord of Misrule’ from 2016. Seven years later, the four-piece returns with ‘The Old Ways Remain’, a fascinating album that showcases great musical craftsmanship. ‘The Old... Continue Reading →

Review NIGHTHAWK ‘Prowler’

If there's someone who certainly doesn't seem to have a boring time at the moment, then it's Björn Strid. Not only is the singer currently on tour with his mother ship Soilwork, no, Strid also contributes with his voice to several other bands and projects. The Night Flight Orchestra is certainly one of the most... Continue Reading →

Review THE REVENANTS ‘Ghosts’

With The Revenants, an interesting trio comes out of the darkness into the light of day. The band is the brainchild of guitarist Fabiano Arganese and Marc Ayerle. The two started jamming together one day in Marc's Klangmanufaktur Studios, without any defined goal or underlying thought. It was only the joy of music that was... Continue Reading →

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