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I’m Markus and this is my blog. I started Markus’ Heavy Music Blog back in 2013 with a first post. It was a live review about a show, legendary prog rockers Rush played at Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam.

Markus’ Heavy Music Blog is a 100% non-commercial blog and everything that’s posted on the blog is purely based on my own passion for rock and metal music.

My journey in heavy music began somewhere in the first half of the 80’s and it was Iron Maiden’s classic “The Number of the Beast” that acted as a springboard into metal music. So my roots, if you will, are in the fields of more traditional heavy metal – everything from NWoBHM up to thrash- and speed metal.

Since time doesn’t stand still I widened my musical horizon in the 90’s when grunge and Nu metal delivered some good bands and records. Furthermore it has been records like Obituary’s “Cause of Death” that paved my way into death metal.

As you can see, my interest isn’t solely in one or two genres of metal music. What makes this kind of music to something really exciting to me is the energy and forcefulness that comes with it. For me it’s less interesting to which genre a band/record can be added neither it’s interesting if it’s a big act or a newcomer band. At the end it’s the sound and the emotions connected to music that makes the difference.

Markus’ Heavy Music Blog takes thing from this perspective. I’m neither a musician, nor can I play an instrument. So, if you’re interested in musical and technical details of songs, records and music, I can recommend a lot of other publications that put a focus on exactly these kind of things. What you can read though on Markus’ Heavy Music Blog is not more, but also not less, than my view on metal music when it comes to CD’s, vinyls, live shows and more. No doubt, I try to be as objective as possible, but there will be always a personal note connected to the each of the reviews.

Talking about reviews means also mentioning that I developed my photographer skills over time while taking photos of live shows and concerts. Photography was always something that excited me and the blog helped a lot to improve my concert photography competence. Almost all the photos, connected to live reviews, are done by myself and hopefully there will be a lot more bands that will be right in front of my lens in the future.

In case you want to contact me, you can always do this via mail. Just drop me a few lines. It’s always welcome.

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