Review ELEGANT WEAPONS ‘Horns For a Halo’

Elegant Weapons is an interesting new constellation of musicians, with the line-up including Richie Faulkner, a long-time Judas Priest guitarist. In addition, Ronnie Romero lends his voice to the band, while the rhythm section consists of Dave Rimmer (Uriah Heep) and Christopher Williams (Accept). Thus, there are experts at work in the band. The fact... Continue Reading →

Review SMOULDER ‘Violent Creed of Vengeance’

Smoulder belongs to the group of exciting hungry epic metal bands. The group started 2013 and has its origins in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The debut was unleashed in 2019 and with ‘Dream Quest Ends, Smoulder launched an EP in early 2020. Also the quintet had to suffer from the pandemic, and everybody remembers Smoulder’s dramatic... Continue Reading →

Review MDXX ‘MDXX’

MDXX is still relatively unknown and also surrounded by a cloak of mystery. What we do know is that MDXX consists of four musicians who call themselves V, T, C and A. The musical head of the band is V. V is the musical head of the band and is responsible for both music and... Continue Reading →


Already a few days in the record stores and very relevant for fans of well-made doom metal, this is the new album from Iron Void. Some of you will surely already have the band on the metal radar screens, because after all the guys have been on their mission to bring good metal to the... Continue Reading →

Review THE ABBEY ‘Word of Sin’

Abbey of Thelema is a small house in Sicily that served as a temple and spiritual center. Founded by Aleister Crowley and Leah Hirsig, the place has been empty for a long time and is doomed to decay. But it was also an origin of occultism and already at the time not entirely uncontroversial. These... Continue Reading →

Review AHAB ‘The Coral Tombs’

Captain Ahab is a protagonist in Herman Melville's novel 'Moby Dick' and inspired a young metal band from Heidelberg, Germany when they were looking for a name for their metal adventure. The whole process took place almost 20 years ago and Ahab, the metal band, was born. The southern German metal enthusiasts premiered in 2006... Continue Reading →

Review DOOMOCRACY ‘Unorthodox’

Doomocracy comes from Greece; more precisely from Crete. Yet the Greeks do not offer sun-tanned rock, but stay in the darker realms. They do this with a musical ambition, which is reflected in their technical abilities and songwriting skills. The quintet has not released so many albums yet, but already the debut 'The End is... Continue Reading →

A day at the sea with UNDERTOW

Undertow have been one of the most respected bands in the German metal underground over the last 30 years. With great albums, the guys have rightly brought themselves into the limelight again and again, gaining a very solid fan base. Many of these fans are located in the north of Germany, a region where the... Continue Reading →

Review GAUPA ‘Myriad’

Falun in Sweden is the home of a very interesting band. Their name? Gaupa. The newcomers started in 2017 and the band consists of Emma Näslund (v), Daniel Nygren (g), Erik Sävström (b), David Rosberg (g) and Jimmy Hurtig (d). The debut album 'Feberdröm' was released in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, and... Continue Reading →

Review SAHG ‘Born Demon’

Bergen, on the west coast of Norway, is perhaps not exactly what you would call a metropolis. Nevertheless, the second largest city in Norway is home to a very agile and creative metal scene. One of the bands that have their headquarters in Bergen are the doom metallers from Sahg, who are currently thrilling the... Continue Reading →

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