Review SWORD ‘III’

Sword, that means heavy metal from the French-speaking part of Canada. The band released two albums in the late 80s, of which especially the debut 'Metalized' made a strong impression. However, Sword did not manage to turn this good start into further triumphs and so the band members parted ways in 1995. As with many... Continue Reading →

Review LEE AARON ‘Elevate’

Lee Aaron has been devoting herself to the harder sounds of rock music for a few years again, which is clearly apparent on her latest records, among others. In addition, the Canadian singer had a very successful performance at this year's Indoor Summer Festival in Hamburg's Markthalle, where she again underlined that she is a... Continue Reading →

Review ISAFØRD ‘Hjartastjaki’

Listening to 'Hjartastjaki', one or the other might ask why this record gets a review on MHMB. Well, the answer is simple. Isaførd, that's the moniker that stands for the collaboration of well known artists, musicians from rock and metal. The first hint is given by the band's origin: Iceland. More precisely Ísafjörður, a town... Continue Reading →

Review KARG ‘Resignation’

Karg are from Austria, more precisely from the Salzburg region and is the brainchild of V. Wahntraum, who some of you surely know as J.J. from Harakiri For The Sky. However, the multi-instrumentalist started with Karg in 2006 before Harakiri For The Sky joined in 2011. Karg make themselves scarce as far as live shows... Continue Reading →

EISREGEN unleash ‘Wiedergänger’

Eisregen, from Thuringia, release these days with 'Wiedergänger' a new EP. The band, which is active since 1995, has packaged two songs on this release and in addition comes a remix version of the title track. Fans of the gothic-based creepy sound will find everything they are looking for on this appetizer for the upcoming... Continue Reading →

Review INDUCTION ‘Born from Fire’

Even though Induction's history is not too long, the band has already experienced quite a bit. Formed in 2014 in the Czech Republic as Martin Beck's Induction, the group delivered its self-titled debut album in 2019. For a band that was just taking off, the emerging pandemic was anything but beneficial. The year 2022 became... Continue Reading →

SHIT THE COW launched a new EP

Swedish rockers Shit The Cow are releasing new material on a regular base and with 'Slaktgrop' the next MLP faced its release today. The three songs featuring mini album starts off with 'Cassius'. A heavy riff an heavily downtuned guitars mark the beginning of a song that reminds a lot of sun-tanned stoner rock, just... Continue Reading →

Review TARJA ‘Best Of: Living the Dream’

Tarja needs no introduction, as the soprano is one of the icons of symphonic metal. Tarja became well-known, among other things, because of her successful years with Nightwish. After leaving the Finnish chart-stormers, the singer started a solo career, which impresses until today. With 'Henkäys ikuisuudesta' and 'My Winter Storm', Tarja set first standards. The... Continue Reading →

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