Review IN THE WOODS ‘Diversum’

In The Woods hail from Kristiansand, Norway and the band started back in 1991 with a focus on black metal evolving into a band that has a wide portfolio of sounds in its repertoire. Even a longer hiatus at the beginning of this millennium had not stopped In The Woods, as the band returned in... Continue Reading →

Review AUTOGRAPH ‘Beyond’

Autograph's 1984 animation anthem 'Turn Up the Radio' catapulted the band into the charts. The song climbed to #29 in the US charts and Autograph were the talk of the town. With a title like that, radio airplay was guaranteed and something big could have developed. However, Autograph could not turn the initial triumph into... Continue Reading →

Review WHEEL ‘Rumination’ – EP

Anglo-Finnish progressive metallers Wheel have recorded a new EP called 'Rumination'. The 12" contains three songs and starts with the thunderous 'Blood Drinker'. In the forefront is the booming bass as well as the hitting drumbeats of Santeri Saksalas. When listening to the song, parallels to bands like Tool are apparent and one is not... Continue Reading →

Review INGESTED ‘Ashes Lie Still’

England's death metal outfit Ingested is already active since 2006 and released a ferocious debut album called 'Surpassing the Boundaries of Human Suffering'. This was in 2009 and since then the outfit has been present in the record stores with new releases at regular intervals. Nevertheless, Ingested might be known outside their home country only... Continue Reading →

Review DISTURBED ‘Divisive’

Disturbed began in 1994 as Brawl, at that time without frontman David Draiman. When the singer joined the group in 1996 and the band changed its name to Disturbed, an impressive success wave began, which continues to grow in popularity to this day. These days fans of the band eagerly await the new album of... Continue Reading →

Review NICKELBACK ‘Get Rollin”

Nickelback is as successful as they are controversial. But if you sell more than 10 million records in the USA, as with 'All the Right Reasons', you seem to be doing something right. These days the four Canadians have with 'Get Rollin'' a new album in the starting blocks and the tenth studio longplayer starts... Continue Reading →

Review GAUPA ‘Myriad’

Falun in Sweden is the home of a very interesting band. Their name? Gaupa. The newcomers started in 2017 and the band consists of Emma Näslund (v), Daniel Nygren (g), Erik Sävström (b), David Rosberg (g) and Jimmy Hurtig (d). The debut album 'Feberdröm' was released in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, and... Continue Reading →

Review LEATHERWOLF ‘Kill the Hunted’

'Leatherwolf' and especially 'Street Ready' belong to the best US metal from California offered. Even though both albums achieved remarkable success, Leatherwolf always remained in the shadow of other great bands. The band broke up in 1991 and also an alternative called Hail Mary did not last. The band returned in 2006 with their 'World... Continue Reading →

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