CD review VANDENBERG ‘2020’

Vandenberg's Moonkings was already a statement of the Dutch guitar hero that found again his passion for hard rocking music. With '2020' the axeman from Den Haag unleashes a next masterpiece of his career, an album I haven't expected to be that strong and powerful. The year 2020, with all the COVID-19 drama might not be the best year in human history. The album '2020' though is one of the best classic rock / hard rock releases since years. Welkom terug Vandenberg.

CD review FAIRYLAND ‘Osyrhianta’

Fairyland is releasing with 'Osyrhianta' their fourth album, a concept album that is directly connected to their predecessors. The trilogy, which ended in 2009 with 'Score to a New Beginning', has now been continued. As the story is already told, the continuation is a prequel, told in ten songs and I guess next time a... Continue Reading →

CD review HORISONT ‘Sudden Death’

'Sudden Death' isn't deadly. On the contrary. Horisont's new album is vital and alive from start to finish. It exudes a lightness that makes it easy for the fans of well-crafted rock music to listen to the album. At the same time Horisont manage to ensure a long term listening experience through multi-layering and with every new round on your recordplayer new details appear. All in all 'Sudden Death' is a great album which actually should be enjoyed as vinyl.

CD review BITTERNESS ‘Dead World Order’

Waldshut-Tiengen, the homebase of Bitterness, isn't known for being the hot spot of Heavy Metal. However, Bitterness does their best to change this and having an album like 'Dead World Order' at hand is for sure very helpful. Bang your head.

CD review OZ ‘Forced Commandments’

OZ show with ''Forced Commandments'' that they aren't on the shelf yet and that Swedish steel doesn't rust that easily. The spirit of denim and leather, that what this album is about. Not more, but certainly also not less.

CD review PARADISE LOST ‘Obsidian’

‚Obsidian‘ is the impressive new album. Paradise Lost took all the strong moments of the different eras of the band and merged them in a great fashion. ‚Obsidian‘ is a very dense, dark, melancholic and heavy album. At the same time it carries a stronger gothic spirit and comprises of hooks that are irresistible. 2020 is already rich when it comes to great records and Paradise Lost adds another candidate for becoming 'album of the year‘ to the mix. It‘s your own fault if you miss this record.

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