ERIDU revealed a new single

With the album 'Enuma Elish' Eridu revive the heritage of the long lost Mesopotamian high civilization. Named after the oldest city of Mesopotamia, the Munich-based band opens another chapter of oriental extreme metal. After their debut 'Lugalbanda' (2019) was able to cause a stir nationally as well as internationally (Wacken Metal Battle Finale Germany 2022,... Continue Reading →

German stoner rock from Bremen – ETA LUX

Bremen-based stoner rock outfit Eta Lux launched mid-February their third album ‘High and Low’. The band started in 2009 and had the opportunity to open for bands like Kyuss, Crowbar and others. ‘High and Low’ features nine songs, all down-to-earth stoner rock hymns with an embedded psychedelic vibe. To give you an idea about the... Continue Reading →


Australia's extreme metallers NE Obliviscaris present with 'Exul' their latest work, which was created with a lot of uncertainties, imponderables and possibilities. If you take a closer look at the record, you will notice that 'Exul' was recorded in a number of studios. If one considers the exceptional situation of the past years, this is... Continue Reading →

Review MDXX ‘MDXX’

MDXX is still relatively unknown and also surrounded by a cloak of mystery. What we do know is that MDXX consists of four musicians who call themselves V, T, C and A. The musical head of the band is V. V is the musical head of the band and is responsible for both music and... Continue Reading →

Review MORK ‘Dypet’

You can't exactly say that Mork from Norway are one of the quick starters. Founded in 2004 in Halden, Norway it took the band already nine years until they could present their debut album 'Isebakke'. Before that, there was only a demo called 'Rota til ondskap'. Not more. The debut was released in 2013 and... Continue Reading →

Review GATEKEEPER ‘From Western Shores’

Canadian epic metal force Gatekeeper first hit the scene in 2013 when they released their first EP called 'Prophecy and Judgement'. However, it took a few more years until the band could finish their first full-length studio album 'East of Sun', which was released through Cruz Del Sur. With 'From Western Shores' the second album... Continue Reading →

Review REDEMPTION ‘I Am the Storm’

Nick Van Dyk and Bernie Versailles started Redemption in 2001 and after Versailles took a break due to an aneurysm, it is Van Dyk who takes the band forward. I first became aware of Redemption between 2005 and 2017 when they had with Ray Alder a singer whom I already appreciated on the Fates Warning... Continue Reading →

Review RPWL ‘Crime Scene’

RPWL (it stands for the names of the founding members: Rissettio, Postl, Wallner, Lang) have been among the spearhead of German progressive rock for many years. Since the late 90s, the Bavarians have been enchanting their audience with great song, atmospheric density and superb melodies. The debut album 'God Has Failed' was released at the... Continue Reading →

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