CD review ’77 ‘Bright Gloom’

(7/10) Since quite some years I‘m fascinated by the irresistible energy ’77 spreads on their releases and even more on stage. The quarter from Spain seems to inhale the rock‘n‘roll spirit and exhale pure rock power. The quartet shows this full-blast approach on four longplayers more than well and it’s record number five that’s supposed to strengthen their position even more.

„Bright Gloom“, which is the title of the band‘s new album, doesn‘t take a different road compared to the known. Classic hardrock is what the band celebrates on the longplayer and it‘s „Bread & Circus“ that helps the ’77 to get out of the boxes very well.

What I have to say though is that, even after a few turns, the record doesn‘t reveal some irresistible smashers, songs that just wow you from beginning to end. Don‘t get me wrong. None of the eleven tunes is a bad one and tracks like „Where Have They Gone“ are cool rock songs. They just miss the final spark that makes the song blowing your speakers.

However, „Bright Gloom“ is still far away from being a disappointment. „You Better Watch Out“ is a cool grooving rocker and it‘s songs like „Last Chance“ a lot of youngsters would love to have in their repertoire.

‘77 newest sonic thunderstruck is a cool rocking album, done by an enthusiastic band that strengthens their position in today‘s rock community – not more, but also not less. Well deserved seven points go to Barcelona.





  1. Bread & Circus
  2. Hands Up
  3. Who’s Fighting Who
  4. Be Crucified
  5. Where Have They Gone
  6. It’s Near
  7. You Better Watch Out
  8. Fooled by Love
  9. Last Chance
  10. I Want My Money Back
  11. Make Up Your Mind


Label: Century Media

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU:April 27th, 2018

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