CD review DEWOLFF “Thrust”

(8/10) DeWolff is a psychedelic rock outfit, hailing from the Southern parts of The Netherlands. The trio isn’t a new player in the fields of rock even though their biggest fan base is located in their home country. DeWolff is quite big in The Netherlands with a constant enlarging group of fans.

The trio was founded in 2007 with a debut that saw the light of day ten years ago. As mentioned, things evolved in positive direction with additional records that followed. 2018 is the years for DeWolff’s seventh longplayer, comprising of eleven well-crafted rock songs.

Things start with „Big Talk“ which isn‘t ‚big talk‘ at all. The song is an exciting opener that lives by its rock‘n‘roll spirit. It‘s an excellent start into a well-done album. „California Burning“ is the next tune, unveiling a cool classic rock vibe that has its roots on the seventies, before „Once in a Blue Moon“ reveals the band’s passion for calmer tones. The soulful vocals and gently singing Hammond add a lot of feel to this touching track and its great mood.

These three songs, all in pole position of this tracklist, gives you a great idea about what to expect of the rest of this release.

The big strength of DeWolff is the spirit and feel that’s embedded in songs like the grooving „Tombstone Child“.  Another track you shouldn’t miss on this album is entitled „Freeway Flight“. Rock and blues compliments each other in an excellent fashion, making this emotional song to a true highlight of „Thrust“.

If music is about emotions, DeWolff scores a big win. „Thrust“ is a 47 minutes long journey that is touching and fascinating. DeWolff has inhaled the spirit of rock music, resulting in a terrific longplayer that‘s dynamic and organic. This album is the right soundtrack for balancing superficial modern life. Take a deep dive into the emotional depth and connected vitality of „Thrust“. It’s worth it.





  1. Big Talk
  2. California Burning
  3. Once In A Blue Moon
  4. Double Crossing Man
  5. Tombstone Child
  6. Deceit & Woo
  7. Freeway Flight
  8. Tragedy? Not Today
  9. Sometimes
  10. Swain
  11. Outta Step & Ill At Ease



Label: Provogue/Mascot Label

Genre: Classic/Psychedelic Rock

Release Date EU: May 4th, 2018

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