Review BLOOD CEREMONY ‘The Old Ways Remain’

Psychedelic rock powerhouse Blood Ceremony premiered with a self-titled album in 2008 and there were three more records that hit the stores. The latest release was an album called ‘Lord of Misrule’ from 2016. Seven years later, the four-piece returns with ‘The Old Ways Remain’, a fascinating album that showcases great musical craftsmanship. ‘The Old... Continue Reading →

German stoner rock from Bremen – ETA LUX

Bremen-based stoner rock outfit Eta Lux launched mid-February their third album ‘High and Low’. The band started in 2009 and had the opportunity to open for bands like Kyuss, Crowbar and others. ‘High and Low’ features nine songs, all down-to-earth stoner rock hymns with an embedded psychedelic vibe. To give you an idea about the... Continue Reading →

Review SIENA ROOT ‘Revelation’

Siena is a brown-reddish hue, a very earthy and warm color. Accordingly, it is no coincidence that the four Swedes of Siena Root have incorporated this hue into their band name, as it reflects the sound of the quartet in a very good fashion. It is this warm and organic sound that makes 'Revelation' an... Continue Reading →

Review THE ABBEY ‘Word of Sin’

Abbey of Thelema is a small house in Sicily that served as a temple and spiritual center. Founded by Aleister Crowley and Leah Hirsig, the place has been empty for a long time and is doomed to decay. But it was also an origin of occultism and already at the time not entirely uncontroversial. These... Continue Reading →

Review ELDER ‘Innate Passage’

Elder have their roots in Fairhaven, Massachusetts before a journey through different cities and countries began, which led the band to Berlin. The quartet began in 2006 and debuted with their first self-titled album in 2008. Over the years, the group has built up a loyal fan base that will surely enjoy the newest album.... Continue Reading →

Review GAUPA ‘Myriad’

Falun in Sweden is the home of a very interesting band. Their name? Gaupa. The newcomers started in 2017 and the band consists of Emma Näslund (v), Daniel Nygren (g), Erik Sävström (b), David Rosberg (g) and Jimmy Hurtig (d). The debut album 'Feberdröm' was released in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, and... Continue Reading →

Review BLUE HERON ‘Ephemeral’

When the sun rises over the New Mexico desert, another hot day is about to dawn. This is exactly the right setting for stoner rock. Blue Heron from Albuquerque, New Mexico are used to these conditions and as soon as the temperature rises above 30 degrees Celsius, not only the daily routine slows down but... Continue Reading →

Review KING BUFFALO ‘Acheron’

It's only been a few months that King Buffalo released 'The Burden of Relentlessness'. This album was the beginning of a three album cycle that now continues with 'Acheron'. The idea for this album series came at the beginning of the pandemic and in a way documents the mental effects of it. While at the... Continue Reading →

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