Review IMMORTAL ‘War Against All’

The new Immortal album can't exactly be described as a quick fix, as it took five years before the band from Bergen, Norway shipped their new work 'War Against All' from the Norwegian fjords into the world. Other than Northern Chaos God, the previous album, the new record is actually a kind of Demonaz solo... Continue Reading →

CADAVER – new song and details of the new album

Norwegian death metallers, Cadaver are proud to reveal ‘The Age Of The Offended’ will be unleashed on July 21, 2023 via Nuclear Blast Records. True to the band’s primitive roots and an audacious, ground-breaking, psychedelic horror-show, the album is an angry, fucked up album for angry, fucked up times, defiantly created against the odds. Today,... Continue Reading →

Review DØDHEIMSGARD ‘Black Medium Current’

Dødheimsgard is one of the bands from Norway that made it to international reputation starting in 1994. Like other bands from the Norwegian metal scene, the musical rebellion started in black metal. So did Dødheimsgard, who introduced their devilish debut album 'Kronet til konge' in 1995. Even if the basic black manifestos are still present,... Continue Reading →

Review THRON ‘Dust’

The southwest of Germany is certainly one of the sunniest regions in the entire country. But it is the Black Forest which is definitely one of the darker areas of Germany, especially during autumn and winter. When in autumn the fog mystically spreads its gray veils over the coniferous forest, this is exactly the type... Continue Reading →

Review MORK ‘Dypet’

You can't exactly say that Mork from Norway are one of the quick starters. Founded in 2004 in Halden, Norway it took the band already nine years until they could present their debut album 'Isebakke'. Before that, there was only a demo called 'Rota til ondskap'. Not more. The debut was released in 2013 and... Continue Reading →

Review MYSTIC CIRCLE ‘Erzdämon’

After it was quiet around Mystic Circle for a long time, A. Blackwar and Beelzebub came around the corner with a new album in 2021. Simply called 'Mystic Circle' the band returned to their black roots and released grim black metal songs that caught people's attention. Now follows with 'Erzdämon' the second strike of the... Continue Reading →

Review BEZWERING ‘Dodenkroning’

Bezwering are one of the more recent black metal bands from The Netherlands. Formed in 2018, the guys have delivered their debut album in 2020 with 'Aan de wormen overgelvered' (engl. 'Surrendered to the Worms') and here comes the not at all pre-Christmas sound of 'Dodenkroning' (engl. 'Crowning of the Dead'). The quintet from Gelderland... Continue Reading →

Review KARG ‘Resignation’

Karg are from Austria, more precisely from the Salzburg region and is the brainchild of V. Wahntraum, who some of you surely know as J.J. from Harakiri For The Sky. However, the multi-instrumentalist started with Karg in 2006 before Harakiri For The Sky joined in 2011. Karg make themselves scarce as far as live shows... Continue Reading →

Review BLACK ANVIL ‘Regenesis’

New York is a melting pot in the broadest sense of the word and this also applies without exception to rock and metal. The Ramones, Anthrax, Suffocation and Type O Negative … they all have/had their home base on the American East Coast. And what about black metal? Well, also here New York has something... Continue Reading →

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