Review PERISH ‘The Decline’

"Less is more", this is how one could describe the debut album of Perish. Each of the six songs of the album ends on 'less' and also concerning the harsh black metal the focus is on diabolic hardness instead of escalating passages. If you have been wondering since the end of Misery Speaks if Janosch... Continue Reading →

Review KHOLD ‘Svartsyn’

Black is the new black. That's how you could describe Khold's new album 'Svartsyn'. It was at the beginning of the new millennium when Khold started releasing albums. This also happened with some regularity until 2008 ('Hnudre År Gammal'). But then it took until 2014, the year when Khold released 'Til Endes', their sixth album.... Continue Reading →

Review BLACK VOID ‘Antithesis’

White Void released on March 12th last year an album entitled ‘Anti’. The longplayer is a well-crafted modern rock record with Longtime Borknagar and Solafeld member Lars Are Nedland being the driving force. Almost to date one year later, Black Void comes towards the spotlight with an album ‘Antithesis’. Both longplayers relate to ‘Antithesis’ being... Continue Reading →

Review FREJA ‘Tides’

Freja is the idea of C. (Witte Wieven) and W. (Laster, Verval). The duo recorded their debut album ‘Tides’ which will be released Mid-April and comes through Babylon Doom Cult Records. Freja has a passion for atmospheric black metal and the six songs on ‘Tides’ echo this musical hunger. The starting point for Freja is... Continue Reading →

Review ABBATH ‘Dread Reaver’

Norwegian black metal veteran Abbath went through a rough patch in the 2019, including a cancelled South America tour and battling with addictions. Things didn’t really go well at the time and after having left these times behind, Abbath returns with a new longplayer called ‘Dread Reaver’. The new album features in total nine songs... Continue Reading →

Review SLÆGT ‘Goddess’

Copenhagen, the Danish capitol, is the homebase of Slægt. ‘Slægt’ means ‘lineage’/’heritage’ is Danish language and the heritage of the band so far are three full-length albums and two EPs. The latest countable work effort in the studio was released under the banner of ‘Black Bombs’, the title of an EP that was released before... Continue Reading →

WATAIN launched a new song called ‘Serimosa’

Today, Watain launched the second single from their upcoming album ‘The Agony & Ecstasy of Watain’. The song is entitled ‘Serimosa’ and unveils a gloomy and dark mood. E. Danielsson (vocals) comments: "'Serimosa' tells of the electric notion of the coming of a great power. The appearance of cracks in the dam that holds the... Continue Reading →

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