LUCIFER launched a new video

Swedish heavy rockers Lucifer unleashed with ‘A Coffin has No Silver Lining (The Sistine Version)’ a new song. It is the first single the band reveals after having signed a deal with Nuclear Blast records and it is taken from the upcoming album ‘Lucifer V’. Here you can enjoy the song:

Review TANITH ‘Voyage’

Tanith is one of the most promising bands when it comes to a revitalization of 70s oriented hard rock and metal. The band started in 2017 and premiered in 2019 with an album called ‘In Another Time’. At the time Tanith was a quartet before guitarist Charles Newton left the band left the band in... Continue Reading →

Review THE ANSWER ‘Sundowners’

For several years, The Answer have been one of the highlights of a revived retro rock scene whose musical roots can be traced back in the 70s. Founded in 2000, the Northern Irishmen achieved a first respectable achievement with their debut album 'Rise' and made their breakthrough with the second release 'Everyday Demon'. Besides the... Continue Reading →

Review MÄRVEL ‘Double Decade’

Swedish Märvel started 2002 which means that the band is a bit more than 20 years in business. Starting with the very first EP ‘Marvellous’ the trio started a exciting journey through the world of rock, adding in total of nine studio records to the books. Märvel, that is John Steen (The King), Ulrik Bostedt... Continue Reading →

Review SIENA ROOT ‘Revelation’

Siena is a brown-reddish hue, a very earthy and warm color. Accordingly, it is no coincidence that the four Swedes of Siena Root have incorporated this hue into their band name, as it reflects the sound of the quartet in a very good fashion. It is this warm and organic sound that makes 'Revelation' an... Continue Reading →

Review URIAH HEEP ‘Chaos & Colour’

After more than 50 years in the music business, it's not really necessary anymore to introduce Uriah Heep. Mick Box and his bandmates have released timeless hard rock classics with hits like 'Lady in Black' and 'Easy Livin'', just to name the most famous ones. Uriah Heep have just finished their '50 Years Anniversary' tour,... Continue Reading →

SIENA ROOT unveil a new song

In a few weeks Swedish rock powerhouse Siena Root unleash their 8th studio album called ‘Revelation’. One song on the eleven songs featuring tracklist is entitled ‘Keeper of the Flames’. The tune mirrors well-crafted classic rock with a lot of heart and soul embedded. What fascinates too is the David Gilmour reminding guitar which adds... Continue Reading →

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