Einar Solberg became known as the singer and keyboarder of Leprous. Together with his bandmates, he has been enchanting listeners since 2001, which was evident not least on the tour that has just come to an end. With '16', the singer now presents a solo album. The title of the album goes back to Solberg's... Continue Reading →


Ray Alder's voice is one of the best that metal and rock has to offer these days. I have been fascinated by the singer's expressive voice since Fates Warning's 'No Exit' album, a voice that is also extremely recognizable. Alder also delivered very good work with Redemption and Engine which underpinned his position. It was... Continue Reading →

Review YES ‘Mirror to the Sky’

Yes exist for more than 50 years and have significantly influenced the world of progressive rock music through countless albums. Following the release of 'Heaven & Earth' in 2014, it took a while until the prog rock veterans returned with another studio album. 'The Quest' was released in 2021, and the fact that the next... Continue Reading →

Review JETHRO TULL ‘RökFlöte’

If one musician and one band has shaped the connection between rock music and the flute, then it is Ian Anderson and Jethro Tull. Since the debut album 'This Was' Jethro Tull belongs to the legends of rock music and have created with their very own sound a magic that fascinates fans to this day.... Continue Reading →

Review HAKEN ‘Fauna’

The first album of Haken's that I had noticed was 'The Mountain'. From that moment on I was fascinated by the sound of the Englishmen. Haken manage to combine different elements into an own and unique sound like hardly any other band. There are the musical skills of the six musicians, which is revealed in... Continue Reading →

Review eMOLECULE ‘The Architect’

eMolecule is the band of Simon Collins and Kelly Nordstrom. With 'The Architect' the two have finished their debut album, which will hit the record stores these days. The collaboration of the both started already in 2005 in Vancouver, Canada and focused at the beginning on Collins' solo career. This fueled the creativity of the... Continue Reading →

JETHRO TULL announced ‘RökFlöte’

Rock icons Jethro Tull just announced a new album. ‘RökFlöte’ is the title of Jethro Tull’s 23rd longplayer which will be released on April 21st, 2023 via Inside Out Music. The tracklist features twelve songs and looks like this: Voluspo Ginnungagap Allfather The Feathered Consort Hammer On Hammer Wolf Unchained The Perfect One Trickster (And... Continue Reading →

Review RIVERSIDE ‘ID.Entity’

Riverside started in 2001 and hail from Wasaw, Poland. The progressive metal outfit premiered with ‘Out of Myself’, an album that was independently released and led to a deal the band inked with Inside Out Music. The band was on a successful journey through the hemisphere of multi-layered music and unleashed pretty successful records. Then... Continue Reading →

Review WHEEL ‘Rumination’ – EP

Anglo-Finnish progressive metallers Wheel have recorded a new EP called 'Rumination'. The 12" contains three songs and starts with the thunderous 'Blood Drinker'. In the forefront is the booming bass as well as the hitting drumbeats of Santeri Saksalas. When listening to the song, parallels to bands like Tool are apparent and one is not... Continue Reading →

Review DEVIN TOWNSEND ‘Lightwork’

Devin Townsend is a jack of all trades when it comes to music. The Canadian artist from British Columbia seems to be gifted with an endless flow of creativity. In this, the artist remains true to himself, which is the common thread through all of Townsend's creative works. There is the dark and wild side... Continue Reading →

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