Review DOOMOCRACY ‘Unorthodox’

Doomocracy comes from Greece; more precisely from Crete. Yet the Greeks do not offer sun-tanned rock, but stay in the darker realms. They do this with a musical ambition, which is reflected in their technical abilities and songwriting skills. The quintet has not released so many albums yet, but already the debut 'The End is... Continue Reading →

Review INDUCTION ‘Born from Fire’

Even though Induction's history is not too long, the band has already experienced quite a bit. Formed in 2014 in the Czech Republic as Martin Beck's Induction, the group delivered its self-titled debut album in 2019. For a band that was just taking off, the emerging pandemic was anything but beneficial. The year 2022 became... Continue Reading →

Review LEATHERWOLF ‘Kill the Hunted’

'Leatherwolf' and especially 'Street Ready' belong to the best US metal from California offered. Even though both albums achieved remarkable success, Leatherwolf always remained in the shadow of other great bands. The band broke up in 1991 and also an alternative called Hail Mary did not last. The band returned in 2006 with their 'World... Continue Reading →

Review THEM ‘Fear City’

Them started as a King Diamond cover band, which also explains the band name. While the debut album 'Sweet Hollow' was still very much inspired by the sound of their idol, Them began to create their own style with the second album 'Manor of the Se7en Gables'. Power metal elements gained in importance, while the... Continue Reading →

Review RIOT CITY ‘Electric Elite’

I ended the review for the debut 'Burn the City' with "Riot City, an unstoppable force." and it is exactly the conclusion after having listened to the sophomore album 'Electric Elite'. It was the debut album 'Burn the Night' that caused a stir in underground metal worlds. The guys from Alberta, Canada managed to release... Continue Reading →

Review STRATOVARIUS ‘Survive’

'Firefly', 'Survive' and 'World on Fire', these were songs Stratovarius fans already got to hear live at the Wacken Open Air 2022 and the entire album is now available. Seven years after their last album 'Eternal' the Finns have recorded eleven new songs and continue the series of high quality releases. Not only musically Stratovarius... Continue Reading →

Review TRIAL (SWE) ‘Feed the Fire’

Trollhättan, known as the home of Saab, is also known to metal fans as the homebase of Trial (Swe). The band, which started expressing their passion for traditional heavy metal in 2007, released a remarkable debut album called 'The Primordial Temple'' in 2011. It quickly became evident that not only the legendary waterfall of Trollhättan... Continue Reading →

Review TRAUMA ‘Awakening’

Trauma, for many, is the band where Cliff Burton played bass before joining Metallica, providing the guys with an incomparable groove. Trauma, however, are more than just the above-mentioned band with Cliff Burton. Trauma began in 1981 in San Francisco and delivered no more than one album in their first phase. 'Scratch and Scream' was... Continue Reading →

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