CD review ANGELUS APATRIDA ‘Cabaret de la Guillotine’

(7/10) The first thing that I have to face when starting a review is the name of the band I‘m writing about, esp. when it‘s about bands haven‘t had on the radar till now. Angelus Apatrida is such a band. With all respect, the name is a curveball to me, hard to keep in mind – „Angel…. what“. Maybe it‘s only me older brain that struggles with keeping the name in mind.

As said, I missed the guys from Spain up till now and you might have the same. The starting point of Angelus Apatrida was back in 2000 – a new millennium, a new band. The guys premiered in 2006 with “Evil Unleashed” and four more deliveries followed to date. 2018 is the year of Angelus Apatrida’s next strike, entitled “Cabaret de la Guillotine”.

Angelus Apatrida is, according to the label info sheet, a thrash metal outfit. Now doubt, aggressive metal riffing, is a crucial pillar for the band‘s sound.  Songs like „Ministry of God“ are excellent tracks, reminding partly of thrash metal icons like Testament and Destruction.

Next to pure sonic aggression, Angelus Apatrida builds in some melodic power metal moments, like in „The Die is Cast“. However, the majority of songs ignite a thrash metal inferno with blistering leads and harsh vocals.

The thing is though that the approach isn‘t really new. I never got the feeling of something really unique but I also must say that I haven‘t missed ‘new’. The energy provided by this powerhouse is the real benefit and that‘s what‘s count. I would say, good work in known territory.





  1. Sharpen the Guillotine
  2. Betryaed
  3. Ministry of God
  4. The Hum
  5. Downfall of the Nation
  6. One of Us
  7. The Die is Cast
  8. Witching Hour
  9. Farewell
  10. Martyrs of Chicago


Label:Century Media

Genre:Thrash Metal

Release Date EU:May 4th, 2018

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