CD review WHEEL ‘Moving Backwards’

(8/10) Wheel is the brainchild of James Lascelles, a musician from the UK who moved to Finland. Arrived in Helsinki, Lascelles found with Mikko Määtä (b), Santeri Saksala (d) und Saku Mattila (g) some brothers in mind. Mattila was later on replaced by Roni Seppänen and Wheel, as we know the band today, was ready... Continue Reading →

CD review HEXVESSEL ‘All Tree’

(8/10) Hexvessel is the brainchild of Mat 'Kvohst' McNerney. The musician, that was born and raised in the UK, played in various metal bands before he moved to Finland, his new home. Inspired by the Finnish heritage and pagan past, McNerney founded Hexvessel, a folk rock outfit that premiered in 2011 with 'Dawnbearer'. Eight years... Continue Reading →

CD review WRETCH ‘Man or Machine’

(7/10) Baseball fans know Cleveland since it’s the home of the Cleveland Indians. Non-baseball fans might know the baseball team due to the movie from the eighties and metal fans know the city, because of its vital metal scene. One metallic ambassador, hailing from there, is Wretch. The quintet has already two albums on their... Continue Reading →

CD review IMPERIA ‘Flames of Eternity’

(7/10) ‘Flames of Eternity’ is Imperia’s fifth album, featuring 11 new songs and a piano version of ‘Mother’.  The quartet with band members from various countries has its roots in the early 2000th. Imperia is the brainchild of singer Helena Michaelsen, being the drivers of the band that also includes Steve Wolz, Gerry Verstreken and... Continue Reading →

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