Review THE POOR ‘High Price Deed’

We have known that hard rock made in Australia is a quality feature at least since AC/DC. In addition, bands like Rose Tattoo and Airbourne have delighted the world with excellent rock music. In addition, The Poor have been drawing attention to themselves since 1986 with well-made hard rock. Started as The Poor Boys, the... Continue Reading →

Review ISSA ‘Lights of Japan’

Issa, that is Oslo-born singer Isabell Øversveen who started the outfit in 2010. Issa has six longplayers in the books and number seven is marking the start of a new year in rock. ‘Lights of Japan’ is the title of the newest work piece of the Norwegian singer and contains eleven songs. ‘Live Again’ is... Continue Reading →

Review BIG CITY ‘Sunwind Sails’

Big City is the brainchild of Daniel Olaisen who started the band and gave the outfit an 80’s rock and melodic metal sound. The 2014 released debut album gave a first taste of what the Norwegians stand for and the newest record ‘Sunwind Sails’ marks the fourth release of the five-piece band. In 2019, Big... Continue Reading →

Review URIAH HEEP ‘Chaos & Colour’

After more than 50 years in the music business, it's not really necessary anymore to introduce Uriah Heep. Mick Box and his bandmates have released timeless hard rock classics with hits like 'Lady in Black' and 'Easy Livin'', just to name the most famous ones. Uriah Heep have just finished their '50 Years Anniversary' tour,... Continue Reading →

Review STEVE VAI ‘Vai/Gash’

Steve Vai is definitely one of the all-time greats of rock music. His collaboration with Frank Zappa, countless solo albums, his time with Whitesnake, etc. made the guitarist one of the most important representatives of his craft. These days Vai releases a new album, which is actually not that new. Vai/Gash' contains songs that were... Continue Reading →

THE ANSWER ask for love with their new single

The Northern Irish rock outfit The Answer represent the power of rock is well-known. The band will underline this with the anticipated next longplayer ‘Sundowners’ which will be released on March 17th, 2023. With ‘Want You to Love Me’, the guys launch a new song, taken from the album. Cormac Neeson says:“When a friend asks me... Continue Reading →

Review SABU ‘Banshee’

Paul Sabu has been one of the greats of the rock music business for more than 30 years. The singer, guitarist and producer began in 1979 with a debut album, which was simply named 'Sabu'. This was the beginning of a career that brought solo albums, but also fueled many collaborations with well-known artists. Alice... Continue Reading →

TUNDERMOTHER hit the road in 2023

If there would be an award for most shows played, Swedish rock powerhouse Thundermother would be a nominee and the effort doesn't stop in 2023. The band announced new shows for the next year; some shows supporting the Scorpions and some headliner shows. Here are the dates.

Review SWORD ‘III’

Sword, that means heavy metal from the French-speaking part of Canada. The band released two albums in the late 80s, of which especially the debut 'Metalized' made a strong impression. However, Sword did not manage to turn this good start into further triumphs and so the band members parted ways in 1995. As with many... Continue Reading →

Review LEE AARON ‘Elevate’

Lee Aaron has been devoting herself to the harder sounds of rock music for a few years again, which is clearly apparent on her latest records, among others. In addition, the Canadian singer had a very successful performance at this year's Indoor Summer Festival in Hamburg's Markthalle, where she again underlined that she is a... Continue Reading →

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