Review CHARLIE GRIFFITHS ‘Tiktaalika’

Charlie Griffiths musical mothership is Haken, the British progressive metal band. Next to that, Griffiths worked on his solo debut that will be released in June this year. ‘Tiktaalika’ is the title of an album that comes with surprises more than a strange album title only. What one could expect is a solo album that... Continue Reading →

Review BLUE HERON ‘Ephemeral’

When the sun rises over the New Mexico desert, another hot day is about to dawn. This is exactly the right setting for stoner rock. Blue Heron from Albuquerque, New Mexico are used to these conditions and as soon as the temperature rises above 30 degrees Celsius, not only the daily routine slows down but... Continue Reading →

Review HEART ATTACK ‘Negative Sun’

Cannes is known for the film festival, for glamour and sunshine. But metal? A band that started in 2006 to brings Cannes on the metal map is Heart Attack. Hailing from Southern France, the quartet didn’t rush towards the release of their debut album. It took until 2013 before the first Heart Attack longplayer reached... Continue Reading →

Review KREATOR ‘Hate über alles’

Five years have gone by since ‘Gods of Violence’ has been released and now it is up to ‘Hate Über Alles’ to continue Kreator’s incredible journey through the world of riffs. The German metal veterans can look back on more than three decades of immaculate releases and extremely powerful live shows. Mille and his companions... Continue Reading →

Review DEFIATORY ‘Apokalyps’

Bay Area Thrash Metal has certainly left its mark on Defiatory. The five guys from Umeå have definitely listened to the music of bands like Testament more than once before they started Defiatory in 2015.After recording their first album with 'Extinct' in 2016, 'Hades Rising' followed two years later. Now it's time to send the... Continue Reading →

Review CROBOT ‘Feel This’

Crobot’s debut album ‘Legend of the Spaceborne Killer’ was released ten years ago and since then the quartet started an impressive journey through the musical landscapes of rock. Having four longplayers and several tours under their belt, also the pandemic hit the band, just as everybody else. Instead of sitting around and wasting time, Chris... Continue Reading →

Review BLACK VOID ‘Antithesis’

White Void released on March 12th last year an album entitled ‘Anti’. The longplayer is a well-crafted modern rock record with Longtime Borknagar and Solafeld member Lars Are Nedland being the driving force. Almost to date one year later, Black Void comes towards the spotlight with an album ‘Antithesis’. Both longplayers relate to ‘Antithesis’ being... Continue Reading →

Review TEMPLE OF VOID ‘Summoning the Slayer’

Detroit-rooted death metal squad Temple Of Void formed in 2013 and has so far three longplayers under their belt. The latest one, ‘The World it Was’, was released in 2020 and two years later the next longplayer waits in line. ‘Summoning the Slayer’ is the title of this seven-title record that brings slow-paced death metal... Continue Reading →

Review DECAPITATED ‘Cancer Culture’

Polish death metal institution Decapitated unleash their next death metal strike as we speak. ‘Cancer Culture’, a nice word play, follows the 2017 release ‘Anticult’ and brings technically well-forged metal to the plate. ‘Cancer Culture’ is the eighth album from Decapitated after having premiered in 2000 with ‘Winds of Creation’. Their newest effort features ten... Continue Reading →

Review LAST TEMPTATION ‘Fuel For My Soul’

Last Temptation’s debut album was released in autumn 2019 and the band, founded by Peter Scheithauer and Butcho Vukovic, invited some prominent contributors back in time. Three years and one pandemic later, Last Temptation returns with the sophomore album and this time the quartet builds fully on their one capability. The second album from Last... Continue Reading →

Review BAEST ‘Justitia’ – EP

Aarhus death metal band Baest worked on a new EP entitled ‘Justitia’. Nearly one year after having put ‘Necro Sapiens’ out on the market, the Danish riff grinders return with a six-track release that manifests the positioning of the band. During the last years, the quintet stays true to their passion for heavy riff and... Continue Reading →

Review DONNA CANNONE ‘Donna Cannone’

Donna Cannone is a band that is based on fun and joy when it comes to metal and hard rock.  The band is the brainchild of former Thundermother member Giorgia Cateri and Luca D’Andria. Both started in the rehearsal room playing some music, mainly for having a good time. To also provide a solid beat... Continue Reading →

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