Review THE ANSWER ‘Sundowners’

For several years, The Answer have been one of the highlights of a revived retro rock scene whose musical roots can be traced back in the 70s. Founded in 2000, the Northern Irishmen achieved a first respectable achievement with their debut album 'Rise' and made their breakthrough with the second release 'Everyday Demon'. Besides the... Continue Reading →

Review POP EVIL ‘Skeletons’

Droning riffs, powerful energy and sometimes sugar-sweet melodies in the chorus, that is the musical direction of Pop Evil. The beginning of Pop Evil lies in the early 00s when Leigh Kakatly and Dylan Allison founded the band. However, it took quite some time for the debut album 'Lipstick on the Mirror' to find its... Continue Reading →

Review NIGHT DEMON ‘Outsider’

Following the development of a band from the beginning is always an exciting affair, because you don't know where the journey will take them. One such band is Night Demon from Ventura, California. We go back to 2012, when the band released a self-titled EP, which was re-released in August 2013 by Shadow Kingdom Records.... Continue Reading →

Review MYSTIC CIRCLE ‘Erzdämon’

After it was quiet around Mystic Circle for a long time, A. Blackwar and Beelzebub came around the corner with a new album in 2021. Simply called 'Mystic Circle' the band returned to their black roots and released grim black metal songs that caught people's attention. Now follows with 'Erzdämon' the second strike of the... Continue Reading →

Review DEMONS DOWN ‘I Stand’

Demons Down is a new band and consists of vocalist James Robledo (Sinner's Blood) and guitarist Francesco Savino (False Memories), along with hard rock scene veterans guitarist Jimi Bell (House of Lords, Autograph), drummer Ken Mary (ex-House of Lords, Alice Cooper, Fifth Angel, etc.), and bassist Chuck Wright (Quiet Riot, bass, ex-House of Lords, etc.).... Continue Reading →

Review THE BANISHMENT ‘Machine and Bone’

The Banishment is a new project or rather a collaboration between Joe Haze and legendary guitar wizard George Lynch. If you think of the latter, melodic metal highlights like Dokken but also hard rock classics like Lnych Mob come to mind. In contrast, Haze's background is among other programming and one is curious how the... Continue Reading →

Review RANTANPLAN ‘Ahoi’

Hamburg's ska punk legends Rantanplan have just rocked the Markthalle as special guest of ZSK and now fans of the danceable punk variation can also access some new music. Rantanplan have with 'Ahoi' their new, already for a long time announced album at the start and of course at Markthalle some of the 15 songs... Continue Reading →

Review ENTHEOS ‘Time Will Take Us All’

Entheos started in 2015 and embarked on an adventurous journey through the world of extreme metal. The band delivered their debut album 'The Infinite Nothing' in 2016 before following it up with 'Dark Future'. After that it became more quiet about the band and when bassist Evan Brewer left the outfit in 2019 a regrouping... Continue Reading →

Review HAKEN ‘Fauna’

The first album of Haken's that I had noticed was 'The Mountain'. From that moment on I was fascinated by the sound of the Englishmen. Haken manage to combine different elements into an own and unique sound like hardly any other band. There are the musical skills of the six musicians, which is revealed in... Continue Reading →

Review ENSLAVED ‘Heimdal’

Sinister metal from Scandinavia is booming these days. First Katatonia from Sweden released their new masterpiece, followed by Finland's blackened death metal veternas Insomnium. What's missing is an album from a Norwegian band and the gap will be closed by 'Heimdal', the newest strike from Enslaved. The guys from Bergen, Norway present with 'Heimdal' their... Continue Reading →

Review STONED JESUS ‘Father Light’

Stoned Jesus started in 2009 when Igor, Sergii and Dmytro from Kiev, Ukraine, formed the band and debuted with 'First Communion'. Three more albums followed before the Russian attack on Ukraine also completely changed the trio's life.Only in mid-July 2022 Stoned Jesus could start rehearsing again, which, due to the given circumstances, still seemed surreal... Continue Reading →

Review INSOMNIUM ‘Anno 1696’

The Finns of Insomnium are well-known, since they have been around since 1997. With an impressive discography of eight longplayers, the Finns have delivered excellent results over the past years. However, the latest studio album 'Heart Like a Grave' was released almost four years ago and it was the 'Argent Moon' EP that helped to... Continue Reading →

Review HOST ‘IX’

An album that certainly not only I have been eagerly awaiting is 'IX' by Host. The elder of you will remember. Paradise Lost released an album called 'Host' in 1999. The disc was controversially discussed at the time, and certainly still is today. The English death metal heroes moved already with 'Draconian Times' and 'One... Continue Reading →

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