Review THE IDIOTS ‘König der Idioten’

The Idiots belong to the forerunners of German-based punk rock. The band started its first era in 1978. Sir Hannes and bandmates generated a wider interest with Jello Biafra from the legendary Dead Kennedys ordering the first 5-track single of the band called ‘Der S04 und der BVB’. After a first wild era, The Idiots... Continue Reading →

Review RANTANPLAN ‘Ahoi’

Hamburg's ska punk legends Rantanplan have just rocked the Markthalle as special guest of ZSK and now fans of the danceable punk variation can also access some new music. Rantanplan have with 'Ahoi' their new, already for a long time announced album at the start and of course at Markthalle some of the 15 songs... Continue Reading →

Review L.S. DUNES ‘Past Lives’

It could be that the band name L.S. Dunes is not familiar to everyone, since the 'Past Lives' record is the band's debut album. Therefore first, who is this new outfit about? L.S. Dunes, these are greats from post-punk and hardcore. Guitarist Frank Iero (My Chemical Romance), guitarist Travis Stever (Coheed and Cambria), singer Anthony... Continue Reading →

Review BORIS ‘Heavy Rocks (2022)’

Boris started in 1992 in Tokyo Japan as a quartet and continued as a trio after Nagata left the outfit in 1996. Named after the Melvins song ‘Boris, the band started a wild journey through the spheres of heavy metal. If you are looking for bands that doesn’t fit any predictable standardized boxes, Boris should... Continue Reading →

Review ÆKJUBOHRA ‘Ækjubohra’

Today I would like to guide your attention to a band that isn’t known that much, yet. Ækjubohra is the moniker of a young and hungry band from the greater Rostock area in Germany. Not only that the guys play an energetic mix of rock, stoner, garage and punk, the band also has a good... Continue Reading →

Review BLACK VOID ‘Antithesis’

White Void released on March 12th last year an album entitled ‘Anti’. The longplayer is a well-crafted modern rock record with Longtime Borknagar and Solafeld member Lars Are Nedland being the driving force. Almost to date one year later, Black Void comes towards the spotlight with an album ‘Antithesis’. Both longplayers relate to ‘Antithesis’ being... Continue Reading →

Review BILLYBIO ‘Leaders and Liars’

Billy Graziadei and Biohazard, this combination is very well known. The singer and guitarist is a founding member of the New York hardcore band and a veteran when it comes to US-hardcore. Next to his activities for the main band, Graziadei always found some extra time for interesting projects. He was part of the Roadrunner... Continue Reading →

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