Review RANTANPLAN ‘Ahoi’

Hamburg’s ska punk legends Rantanplan have just rocked the Markthalle as special guest of ZSK and now fans of the danceable punk variation can also access some new music. Rantanplan have with ‘Ahoi’ their new, already for a long time announced album at the start and of course at Markthalle some of the 15 songs were presented live.

‘Ahoi’ is the 10th studio album released by the band, which was actually supposed to be launched in January 2022. Shortly before completion, bandleader Torben Möller-Meissner stopped the production and ordered the tapes to be erased. The material sounded too grim and depressive, which may also be due to the pandemic circumstances.

One year later the time has come. Rantanplan has the new album out in the stores and it is the expected powerful and rather positive album. As a band from Hamburg, Rantanplan naturally dedicate themselves to topics such as seafaring, harbor, love, new beginnings, and so on. However, the lyrics also always have a profound component and can be interpreted more widely.

Also worth mentioning is the artwork of the record. Kiez veteran Onkel Hotte rides his bike in the Elbe which of course, listen to the title track, also allows further interpretations.

‘Ahoi’ is also the opener of the album and sets sail for 50 minutes of well-made music. With ‘Ahoi’ the album starts peppy and with the necessary drive, which does not change with the following ‘Plädoyer für die Elbmündung’. The latter song is one of the real hits of the record. With ‘Süßwasser’ and ‘Schleichfahrt of the Heart’ the maritime cruise continues. In addition, there is also a thoughtful and emotional song with ‘Dich rufen’, while the concluding ‘Ein Zwei Drei’ unfolds more power again.

‘Ahoi’ is a very fine, entertaining and danceable album. From the first moment on melodies fascinate and it is the positive spirit which brings brightness into partly gloomy times. Here you like to set sail.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Ahoi
  2. Plädoyer für die Elbmündung
  3. Seerovere Leed
  4. Ozeanische Liebe
  5. Sturmvögel
  6. Alles dreht sich
  7. Wenn die Strasse ein Fluss wäre
  8. Soviel schon erlebt
  9. Süßwasser
  10. Ich will Meer
  11. Land in Sicht
  12. Dich rufen
  13. Schleichfahrt of the Heart
  14. Windträume
  15. Ein Zwei Drei

Label: SBäm

Genre: Ska-Punk

Release Date EU: February 24th, 2023




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