Review BEHEMOTH ‘In Absentia Dei’

It happens more and more that live albums are recorded live streams shows that find some new life through releases, published a few months after the digital event. This time Polish black metal icons Behemoth are the ones releasing a live album that features a streaming concert the band played in September 2020 at Abandoned... Continue Reading →

Review EPICA ‘Omega Alive’

The pandemic also causes another bad thing, the no-conceritis. In a time when live shows are rather limited/restricted or even need to be cancelled/postponed, the digital possibilities became an option, although they never can be a replacer. A band that also decided to use the opportunities and present the new material in a digital context... Continue Reading →

CD review U.D.O. ‘Live in Bulgaria 2020’

The concert Udo Dirkschneider played at Roman Amphitheater in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in Sept. 2020 was remarkable from two perspectives. First and most important, I guess it was the concert with the biggest audience in the pandemic year of 2020. U.D.O. performed in front of 2,500 fans and although the show took place in full compliance... Continue Reading →

CD review ENFORCER ‘Live by Fire II’

Six years after having unleashed their first live album, Swedish metal powerhouse Enforcer is ready to delight the metal community with a next live release. ‘Live by Fire II’ is a chronological next step that follows the 2015 release ‘Live by Fire’. Enforcer toured heavily in 2019 and amongst many other countries it was Mexico,... Continue Reading →

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