Review ABBATH ‘Dread Reaver’

Norwegian black metal veteran Abbath went through a rough patch in the 2019, including a cancelled South America tour and battling with addictions. Things didn’t really go well at the time and after having left these times behind, Abbath returns with a new longplayer called ‘Dread Reaver’. The new album features in total nine songs... Continue Reading →

Review CYNIC ‘Ascension Codes’

Cynic started in 1987 in Florida, USA and has musical roots in thrash and death metal. Especially in the early phase Cynic had the harsh approach to heavy metal written on the flags, which is reflected among other things in the 'Focus' album from 1993. However, from the beginning Cynic showed a passion for intricate... Continue Reading →


If you follow the development of Der Weg Einer Freiheit, you will come across several interesting facts, which are not insignificant for understanding the band and its music. The brain behind the band is Nikita Kamprad, who founded the outfit together with frontman Tobias Jaschinsky. Initially, Der Weg Einer Freiheit existed in parallel with Fuck... Continue Reading →

Review GAAHLS WYRD ‘The Humming Mountain’

‘The Humming Mountain’ is the new mini album delivered by Gaahls Wyrd. The Norwegian Grammy (Spellemannprisen)-winning band recorded five songs that lead to a 30-minute running time. The reason for releasing a mini album is because Gaahl wanted to provide more music to fans than what a usual EP delivers. Secondly, the concept of ‘The... Continue Reading →

Review HOODED MENACE ‘The Tritonus Bell’

Since 2007, Hooded Menace is a regular guest on release schedules as well as on stage. Founded by Finnish guitarist Lasse Pyykkö, the band premiered in 2008 with the ‘Fulfill the Curse’ album. With ‘The Tritonus Bell’, the quartet finished work on their next musical strike, album number six for the band. Following a three-year... Continue Reading →

Review OPHIDIAN I ‘Desolte’

Iceland, a rather small country and a smaller island, but big when it comes to rock and metal. I guess that the amount of rock and metal bands in relation to the entire population is a rather high number. This time it is death metal outfit that share a new album with the world. Ophidian... Continue Reading →

Review SETH ‘La Morsure du Christ’

Now, my French isn't the very best I have to admit and even with this little limitation, the new album from French black metal veterans Seth knows how to shine in darkness. Seth started at a time when black metal had a growing momentum. It was in 1996 when a demo called 'Apocalyptic Desires' has... Continue Reading →

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