Review THE DAMNED ‘Darkadelic’

The Damned started in 1977 and belong to the pioneers of British punk rock. Since the band presented their debut with 'Damned Damned Damned' they have become an established part of the music scene. In the 80s the band made a shift towards gothic rock. Several band breakups, reunions and restarts caused big gaps between... Continue Reading →

Review RANTANPLAN ‘Ahoi’

Hamburg's ska punk legends Rantanplan have just rocked the Markthalle as special guest of ZSK and now fans of the danceable punk variation can also access some new music. Rantanplan have with 'Ahoi' their new, already for a long time announced album at the start and of course at Markthalle some of the 15 songs... Continue Reading →

Review ZSK ‘Hass/Liebe’

ZSK is a German punk rock band, hailing from Göttingen. The guys started back in 1997 and unleashed a demo the same year. Nowadays ZSK belongs to the established bands when it comes to punk rock with a noticeable number of releases over the last 25 years. The second era of the band began in... Continue Reading →

Review COLD YEARS ‘Goodbye to Misery’

Scottish rock outfit Cold Years is the brainchild of Ross Gordon. The band, the premiered in 202 with ‘Paradise’, blends the explosiveness of punk rock with fine crafted melodies and the power of rock’n’roll. This mixture is the base for the sophomore album from Cold Years. ’Goodbye to Misery’ is the title of their second... Continue Reading →

Review THE BRONX ‘Bronx VI’

The Bronx is an American punk rock band, hailing from Los Angeles, CA. The starting point of this energetic band was in 2002 and its Matt Caughthran and Joby J. Ford, being the remaining founding members. The band premiered in 2003 and the guys kept the naming procedure for their albums rather simple. They stick... Continue Reading →

BILLY IDOL returns with a new release

Rock and punk icon Billy Idol returns with a new EP called 'The Roadhouse EP'. Release date is September 17th and the release comes via Dark Horse Records. Butch Walker produced the EP and it is guitarist and co-writer Steve Stevens who is part of the game too. 'The Roadhouse EP' features four songs of... Continue Reading →

BROILERS announce a new album

In times of social distancing, German rock icons Broilers are back with a new album. 'Puro Amor' is the title of the album that speaks for itself, a record being a 46 minute musical embrace. In focus is the theme of ' love ', with all its heights and lows addressed.'Pure Amor' will be in... Continue Reading →

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