CD review POUNDER ‘Uncivilized’

(7/10) You might not have heard of Pounder earlier, but in case you're a fan of the NWoBHM spirit and call bands like Night Demon to your favorites ylu certainly should check out this trio. Pounder, the name says it all, started in 2016 and is hailing from Los Angeles, CA. The guys have published... Continue Reading →

CD review METAL INQUISITOR ‘Panopticon”

(8/10) Koblenz-basedMetal Inquisitor might not be the band with a high-frequent release pattern, but every album so far for sure provided quality. It takes between 4-5 years for the band to come with a next longplayer, beginning with the debut ‘The Apparition’ from 2002. Good things come to those who wait, seems to be the... Continue Reading →

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