Review U.D.O. ‘The Legacy’

There is not much to say about Udo Dirkschneider. The singer with the raspy and distinctive voice has been one of the icons of German heavy metal for decades. Known as the voice of Accept, Dirkschneider has grown into an artist in his own right after parting ways with the band, and has come up... Continue Reading →

Review IRON ALLIES ‘Blood In, Blood Out’

When Herman Frank and David Reece join forces, then one can speak with a clear conscience of a metal alliance. Both guitarist and singer are known among other things through their time with Germany's metal heroes Accept, but have also had enough other projects at the start, which additionally strengthened their position in metal. Now... Continue Reading →

Review DYNAZTY ‘Final Advent’

Even if the new album of Sweden's melodic metal band Dynasty is called 'Final Advent', the record has nothing to do with Christmas and Advent. Rather, the five Swedes do everything they can to request an entry into the record collection of their fans through musical art. 'Final Advent' is the eighth album of the... Continue Reading →

Review DEAD CITY RUINS ‘Shockwave’

Not only because of AC/DC Australia is known for its vibrant rock and metal scene. One of the bands from Down Under are Dead City Ruins, who set a first exclamation mark with 'Midnight Killer' in 2012. Ten years later, the five Australians delight the rock community with their fourth longplayer 'Shockwave' and once again... Continue Reading →

Review ANVIL ‘Impact is Imminent’

Passion is the fuel and guitar/bass/drums are the engine for Canada-based metal icons Anvil. The trio, hailing from Toronto, didn’t only face the sunny side if life being a musician. Up and down, that followed the band for many years and made them to real heroes in heavy metal and never gave up. Anvil always... Continue Reading →

Review BILLYBIO ‘Leaders and Liars’

Billy Graziadei and Biohazard, this combination is very well known. The singer and guitarist is a founding member of the New York hardcore band and a veteran when it comes to US-hardcore. Next to his activities for the main band, Graziadei always found some extra time for interesting projects. He was part of the Roadrunner... Continue Reading →

ANVIL announce ‘Impact is Imminent’

Metal veterans Anvil announced a new album. ‘Impact is Imminent’ is the title of their next studio effort which carries 14 songs. The trio also launched a first song called ‘Ghost Shadow’. Says charismatic frontman Lips: "Ghost Shadow is my 6th sense telling me I'm being watched! Could be internet trolls or paranormal phenomenon! Either way... Continue Reading →

Review J.B.O. ‘Planet Pink’

And here we go again. No, this review isn’t about a Whitesnake album. It is the new album from Erlangen, Germany based J.B.O. that reminds of Groundhog Day. On a regular base the guys from Franconia take a new attempt to brings pleasure to the world of rock and metal. They try to blow away... Continue Reading →

Review RECKLESS LOVE ‘Turborider’

The ones of you who thought that Judas Priest’s ‘Turbo Lover’ included far too many keyboards should not even consider pressing the ‘Start’-button of ‘Turborider’. This album can be seen as dentist’s delight since it includes so much musical sugar that it’s hard to swallow. Reckless Love always appreciated a catchy melody and although the... Continue Reading →

Review STAHLMANN ‘Quarz’

Quarz' is already the seventh album of the Göttingen based band Stahlmann. Two years following 'Kinder der Sehnsucht', the quartet is trying to get another album into the charts. As a representative of the second wave of NDH bands, Stahlmann have certainly had success, even if their music is not really inventive. Stahlmann have listened... Continue Reading →

Review VICTORY ‘Gods of Tomorrow’

Victory that one of the most important rock and metal bands, hailing from Hannover, Germany. The band was formed in 1984 out of the band Fargo, which is active again too. The German metal veterans started very successful, and it was the sophomore album ‘Don’t Get Mad … Get Even’ that marked a breakthrough for... Continue Reading →

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