CD review THE OLD DEAD TREE ‘The End’

'Gothic Metal', that according to the label info the genre The Dead Old Tree fits best. That might be right but this release is so more than solely Gothic Metal. 'The End' is a record that includes many shades and influences. Great melodies, Dark Rock, progressive structures and some extreme Metal trademarks, all units on... Continue Reading →

MOONSELL re-issues 'Sin/Pecado + 2econd Skin'

Portuguese Dark Metal outfit Moonspell will re-issue their 'Sin/Pecado' album, originally released in 1998. At the time, the longplayer was an adjustment of Moonspell's thematic direction, moving from wolves and vampires to a more darkwave mood, driven by political and social issues. In this sense it's a milestone album for the band and on December... Continue Reading →

HALL OF FLAME festival announced

A new festival will premier this autumn in Germany. Hall Of Flame festival will take place on October 5th at Markthalle in Hamburg and first bands have been announced. Headlined by Norwegian Kampfar the festival focusses on the dark side of Metal and fits perfectly into the dark season of autumn. Stay tuned for more.

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