Review DEATHSTARS “Everything Destroys You”

Sometimes what you see and what you hear doesn’t exactly match. Sitting in the sun along the Danish coastline is a joy in May. At the same time listening to dark music with earphones is rather the opposite vibe and still entertaining. The soundtrack for this sunny day is the new album from Swedish masters of industrial gloom, Deathstars.

23 years after their start, the Swedes unleash with ‘Everything Destroys You’ their new album and it took them a while do get work on this release done. Fans of the band had to be very patient since they had to wait nine years before they could welcome the newest strike. However, the work is done and the new longplayer hit the record stores.

Deathstars do what they do best, blending harsh metal riffs with a gloomy industrial sound. This was their recipe in the past and they doesn’t change the approach on the new album.

It all starts with the dark and hard-hitting ‘This Is’. The marching beat and the well-crafted chorus are captivating. That keyboards are a crucial element for Deathstars too is what comes to shine with ‘Between Volumes an Voids’. The added female vocals in the chorus give the song an extra charm and the same goes for the moderate paced ‘Blood For Miles’. And there is the catchy ‘The Infrahuman Masterpiece’ with its dominating keyboards waves.

‘Everything Destroys You’ is an album that entails all the trademarks of the band. Heavy riffs, a cold industrial sound and a gothic vibe; it is all there. What would have benefited the record at some point is a some more braveness to also surprise the listener. Deathstars stick very much to their formula of success and one can’t blame them. Still it is a bit too much of the same just different and after a while the album becomes predictable. Besides that. ‘Everything Destroys You’ finds its way into your mind and each of the songs makes your eardrum swing with darkened delight.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. This Is
  2. Midnight Party
  3. Anti All
  4. Everything Destroys You
  5. Between Volumes and Voids
  6. An Atomic Prayer
  7. Blood For Miles
  8. The Churches Of Oil
  9. The Infrahuman Masterpiece
  10. Angel Of Fortune And Crime

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Industrial Metal

Release Date EU: May 5th, 2023




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