HALF ME released ‘SOMA’

Half Me is not exactly a new band. The five guys from Hamburg started in 2018, but it took a while until the band from Germany's north could complete their studio debut. A few days ago, however, the time had come, and escorted by a release show at Hamburg's cult club Logo, Half Me released... Continue Reading →

SCHIZOPHRENIA covered Slayer’s ‘Necrophiliac’

Belgium thrash metal force Schizophrenia announced an EP with cover versions for February 10th, 2023. After having unveiled ‘Maze of Torment’ from Morbid Angel the band launched with Slayer’s ‘Necrophiliac’ a next single. Vocalist and bassist Ricky Mandozzi comments: "Slayer has always been one of our main influences so it was an easy choice to... Continue Reading →

Review L.S. DUNES ‘Past Lives’

It could be that the band name L.S. Dunes is not familiar to everyone, since the 'Past Lives' record is the band's debut album. Therefore first, who is this new outfit about? L.S. Dunes, these are greats from post-punk and hardcore. Guitarist Frank Iero (My Chemical Romance), guitarist Travis Stever (Coheed and Cambria), singer Anthony... Continue Reading →

Review SPIRITWORLD ‘Deathwestern’

Spiritworld is the brainchild of Stu Folsom. The singer and multi-instrumentalist first appeared in 2017 with a demo before the 7" called 'Viper Blood' was released. At that time the sound was still very country influenced while rock and punk elements positively impacted the sound. However, Folsom changed the musical direction and used a heavier... Continue Reading →

Review RYKER’S ‘Ours Was a Noble Cause’

Germany's hardcore institution Ryker's started in 1992 in Kassel, Germany and had eight successful years before the band disbanded in 2000. The start of the second era of the hardcore veterans dates back to 2013 which was further manifested with the 'Hard to the Core' album. Since then the guys are going full throttle again... Continue Reading →

Review DOWNSET ‘Maintain’

It was in the mid-80s when a band called Social Justice started in Los Angeles, California. Social Justice was the predecessor of Downset. The renamed band premiered in 1994 with the ‘downset.’ album and the debut contains with ‘Anger!’ a great crossover hymn that paved the way for the success of the sophomore longplayer ‘Do... Continue Reading →

RYKERS – new album, new song

German hardcore veterans Rykers announce a new album. ‘Ours Was a Noble Cause’ is scheduled for a release on August 5th, 2022 and the album will come via BDHW Records. A first single has been unveiled already. ‘When the Dam has Broken’, that’s the first song taken from the upcoming album and can be enjoyed... Continue Reading →

DOWNSET announce ‘Maintain’

Downset belong to the pioneers of a rap/hardcore blend that gained momentum in the ‘90s. Their first two longplayers are stellar releases with songs like ‘Anger’, being a real hymn, penned by the band. After having signed with Nuclear Blast, Downset announce a new album. ‘Maintain’ is their first album in eight years and ‘The... Continue Reading →

Review BILLYBIO ‘Leaders and Liars’

Billy Graziadei and Biohazard, this combination is very well known. The singer and guitarist is a founding member of the New York hardcore band and a veteran when it comes to US-hardcore. Next to his activities for the main band, Graziadei always found some extra time for interesting projects. He was part of the Roadrunner... Continue Reading →

Review 8 KALACAS ‘Fronteras’

8 Kalacas (spoken: Ocho Kalacas), newcomer of the year? The band from Orange County is at least a candidate for such an award. The seven guys and their music is a very exciting blend, musical caffeine. Imagine if Sepultura would team up with Suicidal Tendencies to start a project with a lot of ska-elements. If... Continue Reading →

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