Review RISE ABOVE ‘Times of Clarity’

Norway is not only known for its black metal scene. Also hardcore punk is located in the north of Europe and has with Rise Above a young and wild representative.

Rise Above, not to be mixed up with Rise Against, started in 2016 when the five guys released a first EP called ‘Sound of Liberation’. It still took a little while until the debut album hit the shelves. In August 2022, the time had come. Rise Above brought ‘Times of Clarity’ to the record stores and maybe some of you missed the album.

But if you like wild and untamed hardcore with punk roots, you should definitely check out ‘Times of Clarity’. Without restraint and with the youthful wildness, the guys slam 14 songs in front of your face. Although the wild shouting of frontman Thomas Holler is a bit annoying in the long run, the singer shows in the calmer passages that he can do more with his voice than merciless screaming.

If you want to get an impression of Rise Above, you should listen to the ultra-fast ‘Heights’. The band goes full throttle and the song blasts out of the speakers with the force of an uncontrolled freight train. Rather unusual is the hip-hop influenced ‘Throne’ with its samples; a crossover, which one can definitely get across this way to the people.

What one definitely must credit the album, is the diversity with which the guys go to work. The quite melodic ‘Clarity’ should be mentioned in this context, which charms the listeners with a good chorus and clear vocals, before the raging verse takes over and the fury is back again.

‘Times of Clarity’ is an album that lives from its impetuous dynamics. This is a young band at work, which does not yet know exactly where the musical journey should lead them. They try out a lot of things and most of it is raging metal/punk influenced hardcore, which is like a musical tornado. One can not escape a certain fascination and one can be curious what the future offers.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. Time
  2. Augury
  3. Down
  4. Heights
  5. Blue
  6. Throne
  7. Phoenix
  8. Savannah
  9. Clarity
  10. Sirens
  11. Lights
  12. Shadows
  13. Fate
  14. Doom

Label: Holler Records

Genre: Hardcore / Punk

Release Date EU: August 26th, 2022




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