Review FATAL COLLAPSE ‘Hell is Here’ – EP

Fatal Collapse is a rather new band. The guys, hailing from Hamburg, started 2022 and have with ‘Hell is Here’ a first release in the starting blocks. Inspired by thrash metal and crossover from the 80s the band recorded four songs and what you get to hear is quite good stuff.

Fatal Collapse, that is Marco, Niklas, Flo and Buddy. Most of the songs are based on ideas Buddy had during the lockdowns in the times of pandemic. With society getting slowly back to usual life Fatal Collapse had the strong wish to get their songs to life and they accomplished what they wanted to achieve.

‘Hell is Here’ is an interesting release, not only due to the music. The band decided to go an unusual way since the EP is release, next to the digital version, also on cassette. That a tape is the only physical format is uncommon but a great idea with a real underground vibe, reminding of the 80s.

Inspired by bands like Sacred Reich, but also Suicidal Tendencies and Iron Reagan the quartet unleashes the big sledgehammer. Their high-octane metal comes to show with ‘One of 86’. The massive riff power, the harsh vocals and the murderous groove are very convincing. Next in line is the lightning ‘Feed Your Fear’, a metal and hardcore hybrid that is pure fun.

The guys keep it rather short and to the point with the racing ‘The Basement’, a one-and-a-half-minute blast with a great middle section. ‘Torture’ sums things up and follows the same approach as what the previous songs demonstrate.

‘Hell is Here’ is a release of a band that found an outlet for their passion for metal. Equipped with a good sound Fatal Collapse deliver a massive EP with songs tempting listeners to neck muscle challenging headbanging.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. One of 86                   
  2. Feeding Your Fear                  
  3. The Basement            
  4. Torture

Label: self-released

Genre: Thrash Metal / Crossover

Release Date EU: May 3rd, 2023




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