Review COBRA SPELL ‘Anthems of the Night’ – EP

Dutch/French/Italian metallers Cobra Spell is the brainchild of guitarist Sonia Anubis (Crypta, ex-Burning Witches) and Sebastian Silva, both founding the band as an outlet for the passion for 80s metal. Since Silva left the band, Cobra Spell is very much driven by Anubis who, together with band mates Angelina Vehera, Alexx Panza (Hitten), Léonard Cakolli... Continue Reading →

Review BÄD INFLUENCE ‘End7eit’

Hamburg's metal vampires started in 1992 which means that 2022 is an anniversary for the band. Three decades and seven longplayers is what Bäd Influence has under their belt and a new longplayer is on its way. ‘End7eit’ is the title of their new longplayer and since ‘Fe4R’, the in the title embedded number indicates... Continue Reading →

Review TYMO ‘The Art of a Maniac’

Edmonton, Canada isn’t just the home of one of the best ice hockey teams. The headquarter of thrash metallers TYMO is also based in Alberta. TYMO started in 2014 and released two longplayers to date. These days the third longplayer has been unleashed to excite metalheads all over the world. TYMO is purely based on... Continue Reading →

Review CHOREOMANIC ‘Choreomanic’

Dutch bass player Joost van der Graaf is known from his time with bands like Dew-Scented. His bass can be also heard on Pestilence’s latest album ‘Exitivm’. In 2020 Van der Graaf started with Choreomanic a solo project and the self-titled album is the debut. Musically Choreomanic has not that much to do with the... Continue Reading →

SORCERER released ‘Reverence’

Stockholms metal institution Sorcerer used the time to record four cover songs which let off the leash one by one. It all started in September 2021 with the legendary 'Gates of Babylon', originally from Rainbow, followed by 'When Death Calls' (Black Sabbath) and Saxon's 'Crusader'. The final cover is 'Waiting for Darkness' from Ozzy Osbourne... Continue Reading →

Review EXISTENT ‘Kartenhaus’

Existent is another representative from Hamburg’s vital music scene when it comes to rock and metal. The band, formed in 2013 rather spontaneously, premiered in 2016 with an album called ‘Startschuss’. ‘Startschuss’ was not only the title but also the start for the band that these days comes with a new delivery. 'Kartenhaus' is the... Continue Reading →

Review HANLON‘S RAZOR ‚Paradigm‘

Dutch prog rock enthusiasts Hanlon‘s Razor used the last months for working on an album, being the debut of the project. Hanom‘s Razor, that is the brainchild of Dutch guitarist Louis de Roo and Frank Maarsen. Some the Dutch readers might know the names of the two guys from a band called Terranian that stopped... Continue Reading →

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