SORCERER released ‘Reverence’

Stockholms metal institution Sorcerer used the time to record four cover songs which let off the leash one by one. It all started in September 2021 with the legendary ‘Gates of Babylon’, originally from Rainbow, followed by ‘When Death Calls’ (Black Sabbath) and Saxon’s ‘Crusader’.

The final cover is ‘Waiting for Darkness’ from Ozzy Osbourne and all four sings together create the tracklist of a four-track mini album the band released digitally on December 10th. Sorcerer stay close to the original versions of the songs and still add something extra. In this case it isn’t the musical excursus of creating something new out of something existing. It is more that Sorcerer honors each of the four bands/artists with interpreting their classics in a powerful and attention-causing fashion. ‘Reverence’ sounds cool and is worth to check out.

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