Review BÄD INFLUENCE ‘End7eit’

Hamburg’s metal vampires started in 1992 which means that 2022 is an anniversary for the band. Three decades and seven longplayers is what Bäd Influence has under their belt and a new longplayer is on its way.

‘End7eit’ is the title of their new longplayer and since ‘Fe4R’, the in the title embedded number indicates where we are in the flow of releases. Five years after the rock vampires dared to see the light of day with their ‘6ite’ album, the quintet returns this spring with thirteen new songs.

Musically the album is a solid metal record that also doesn’t shy away from some hard rock references. Even punk rock finds a place on the tracklist. The band covered with ‘Dein Vampyr’ a song from German punk rock icons Die Ärzte and what fans get to hear is a well-crafted metallization of this classic.

‘End7eit’ is a very entertaining album. Neither band nor album will revolutionize metal which isn’t the intention either. This record delights with songs like the hard-hitting ‘El Nombre de la Bestia’ and uptempo smasher ‘Wolfs Moon’, music that is a matter of heart. Merciless, that is a term that could describe ‘Revelation 13’ best while the hard-hitting ‘Ghetto Love’ has a lot of rock and metal too.

‘End7eit’ is a next well-done longplayer from Hamburgs city vampires. The band, that released all their albums off their own bat, added a next entertaining record to their discography and fans of the band will appreciate the effort.

Note for fans in the Hamburg area: There will be a pre-sale event at Hamburgs Plattenkiste on Saturday, April 2nd, 2022 with the band being present too.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. Seven Deadly Strings
  2. Dead Kennedy
  3. El Nombre De La Bestia
  4. Trouble
  5. Revelation 13
  6. Blut ist Leben
  7. Dein Vampyr
  8. Wolfs Moon
  9. Saint Prowley
  10. Verlust
  11. Sweet Nightmares
  12. Ghetto Love
  13. The End

Label: Self-released

Genre: Vampyr Metal

Release Date EU: April 9th, 2022




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