Lucifer Star Machine originally hail from the British capital London, but have been at home in Hamburg for years. This has mainly to do with the fact that bandleader Tor Abyss was drawn back to his home country, which also led to the temporary end of the band due to the geographical distance.

2014 was a new start for the band and with an all-German line-up Lucifer Star Machine became a new/old band. After a deal was signed with The Sign Records a new album by the name of ‘The Devil’s Breath’ followed in 2020, the fist one in seven years.

With ‘Satanic Age’ the newest album is now recorded and on its way to the record stores. A total of 13 songs have found a spot on the tracklist and what is presented in 37 minutes is an electrifying mixture of punk and hard rock. There is for example the anarchic and fast ‘Purgatory Souls’. In less than two minutes everything the band has at its disposal is brought to play. Lucifer Star Machine kick ass mercilessly and whoever doesn’t get into the groove with such a song has only himself to blame.

Songs like ‘Cunt of Destruction’ and ‘Naked City’ also show the rock’n’roll roots of the band, while ‘Live Another Day’ comes around the corner with a relatively catchy chorus. And with ‘Till Death’ a highlight is kept for the grande finale of the longplayer.

‘Satantic Age’ has become a dynamic and ruthless record, with a seething blend of punk and rock that fascinates. Despite the mercilessness of these 13 riff assaults, the album has melodies built-in that are hard to resist. Anyone who is in need of an energy boost is in exactly the right place with spinning this record.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Inauguration Of Lucifer (Intro)                      
  2. Satanic Age    
  3. Psychic Vampires (Feat. Sparky)       
  4. Cunt Of Destruction   
  5. Black Axe       
  6. I Wanted Everything  
  7. Censorshipped           
  8. Purgatory Souls         
  9. Hard Luck Mary (Feat. Kit Swing)                 
  10. Live Another Day       
  11. Naked City     
  12. The Life You Dread    
  13. Till Death

Label: The Sign Records

Genre: Punk Rock

Release Date EU: April 14th, 2023




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