Review LAURA COX ‘Head Above Water’

"Part French. Part English. 100% Rock'n'Roll", that's what it says on the album cover of Laura Cox's latest album. The guitarist is one of the rising stars in the world of guitar-based rock music, and has her latest album, 'Head Above Water', in the starting blocks as we speak. Cox is the child of English/French... Continue Reading →


Swiss rock band Gotthard slowly and over the span of years moved away from hard rock and redirected their sound towards mainstream rock that allowed the band the enlarge their fanbase. Since the heart of rock’n’roll is still what drives Gotthard founding member Leo Leoni, the guitarist started a side-project called CoreLeoni. That was in... Continue Reading →

JACK SLAMER released a new EP

Jack Slamer did not want to go passively through the pandemic and had therefore decided to set up a live session. No sooner said than done. The live session took place at Hardstudios and four of the songs have now been released as an EP via Nuclear Blast. 'Live at Hardstudios' is the title of... Continue Reading →

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