Review DIAMOND DOGS ‘Slap Bang Blue Rendevouz’

The early ‘90s, that is when Swedens rock outfit Diamond Dogs started their journey through the soundscapes of rock and boogie. After having released the debut album called ‘Honked’, which brough the band quite some attention and tour support slots, it took a while until the guys unleashed their sophomore album ‘As Your Greens Turn Brown’ (2001).

The sound of the Diamonds Dogs is deeply rooted in the ‘70s and as with many other bands from Sweden, the musical savvy impresses. The guys with their iconic frontman Sören ‘Sulo’ Karlsson doesn’t leave something to chance when it comes to their music and their new album ‘Slap Bang Blue Rendevouz’. At the same time, and equipped with a retro charm, Diamond Dogs sound fresh and vivid which they manifest right away by the opener ‘Alright Brutus, I’m on’. Right away it becomes apparent where the influences can be located. The early Rolling Stones, Slade, The Faces and others had an impact on the sound of Diamond Dogs. Not to forget The Hellacopters, being the role model for Swedish rock music. Inspired by these bands, the Swedes created their own sound which is also the base for the new and 24-songs featuring record.

So many songs and a running time of a bit more than an hour means, that Diamond Dogs keep their songs short and crisp. No epical length and no excessive soundscapes. Instead, fans of well-crafted rock music get the spirit of rock’n’roll, packaged to an album that adds a good vibe to the unusual times we are all in at the moment. There is this summerly lightness embedded in each of the songs, reflecting the bright days during the recording in 2020. ‘Make Up Boogie’ is one of these warm and organic sounding tunes that have a good swing and make your day. Next is the acoustic ‘Ghost Pain of Your Love’, a song that mirrors the soulful side if Diamond Dogs. Even with songs like this acoustic ballad, the band always keeps some edges which gives each of the songs an own spirit without any cheesy mainstream expression.

‘Slap Bang Blue Rendevouz’ is a feelgood record. If you are aiming for a positive headstart into the new year 2022, then this is the soundtrack you should have with you, together with your denims and leather jacket.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Alright Brutus, I’m On
  2. What If I Knocked
  3. Everything’s Fine
  4. Rocked, Wrecked, Robbed & Ruined
  5. You Got a Diamond In Me
  6. A Rock in The Sea
  7. You Shouldn’t Be Lonely on A Saturday Night
  8. Make Up Boogie
  9. Ghost Pain of Your Love
  10. Golden Wheel
  11. Get Me Out
  12. Slap-Bang Blue
  13. Queen Of the Milky Way
  14. Rock It & Roll It
  15. Toxic Daydream
  16. Common For of Life
  17. Rocket Ricochet
  18. Sunday Haze
  19. Run Through the Wildfire
  20. Suicidal Idol
  21. Anyway I Can Make Her Smile
  22. Vanity Villains
  23. Lose To Get By
  24. Blind Broke Patron Saint

Label: Wild Kingdom

Genre: Rock

Release Date EU: January 22nd, 2022


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