Review SARCASM ‘Stellar Stream Obscured’

Sarcasm is back with a new album. ‘Stellar Stream Obscured’ is the title of the disc that will usher in the new metal year in January, or even better, hammer it in. The new album is the fourth full-length album so far, something you wouldn’t expect considering that the band has its origins in the late 80s.

While in the early days it was mainly demos that were released, now in the new millennium it’s also longplayers that see the inside of record stores. Sarcasm continues their dark musical journey through the depths of Swedish death metal with their new album. Blasting beats, hellish growls and raging guitars, these are the basic ingredients for ‘Stellar Stream Obscured’. The range in which the band operates on the new disc can best be illustrated by ‘Ancient Visitors’ and ‘The Spinning Tomb’. While the former is almost at home in the realms of funeral doom, ‘The Spinning Tomb’ features a fast and brutal sound with the band shifting up three gears.

Sarcasm’s new album is good to listen to, but doesn’t surprise with unexpected moments. Somehow you can’t get rid of the feeling of having heard it all before, which leads to a certain length. ‘Stellar Stream Obscured’ is certainly not a bad album, but it has to compete with other bands that have delivered very convincing albums. Sarcasm certainly doesn’t face an easy task here. Nevertheless, this album will certainly find its followers.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. Through the Crystal Portal.
  2. We Only Saw the Shadows of Life
  3. Ancient Visitors
  4. The Spinning Tomb
  5. Obsidian Eyes
  6. The Powers of Suffering the Be
  7. Apocalyptic Serenity
  8. Let us Descend

Label: Hammerheart Records

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: January 28th, 2022


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