DESTRUCTION’s ‘Bestial Invasion of Hell’ (Demo reissue) in April

It was in 1984 when three guys from Germany’s South-West embarked on an musical endeavor and the time it wasn’t predictable that it was the beginning of a four decades lasting career that’s still ongoing. The names of the three guys? Schmier, Mike and Tommy and the band they started, that’s Destruction.

The starting point of Destruction was a demo tape, called ‘Bestial Invasion of Hell’. The demo created quite some attention and also led to a deal with Steamhammer who released the songs as a first EP entitled ‘Sentence of Death’.

On April 30th this year, High Roller Records will release ‘Bestial Invasion of Hell’ as CD and limited vinyl. Mastered and restored by Patrick W. Engel, the release faces the following tracklist:

1. Mad Butcher
2. Total Desaster
3. Antichrist
4. Front Beast
5. Satan’s Vengeance
6. Tormentor

CD Bonus Tracks:
7. Death Trap (Rehearsal)
8. Invincible Force (Rehearsal)
9. Total Desaster (Rehearsal)
10. Antichrist (Rehearsal)

Produced by Destruction
Tracks 1 – 6 recorded in Staufen in early 1984 ; originally released as a self-made demo tape Tracks 7 – 10 recorded at a rehearsal later in 1984

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